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My hospital has addopted a policy of No iota of food at or near one's work station. The rule is that all of your drinks (including bottled water) and all of any snacks are to be held in the lounge... Read More

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    Quote from not now
    Or the wound vac reps who give us candy at the station while the supervisor watches. We have been told the rule is to protect us and the computers if something is knocked over.

    I take my Sigg bottle and put it behind the desktop screen. It's not gonna leak even if it gets tipped over. Heck, it could roll off the desk and still not break. I'm not gonna mistake a cup of pee for my beverage. No one is gonna mistake it for something they can put a specimen in.
    Where can you get them?
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    Quote from TeleRNer
    My hospital has addopted a policy of No iota of food at or near one's work station. The rule is that all of your drinks (including bottled water) and all of any snacks are to be held in the lounge and never ever be near your area of work. Not even an innocent package of gum!:angryfire:angryfire:angryfire

    I agreee, having food in the hallway on counters left behind by staff from the last shift is troublesome and a nuissance when you have to spend time cleaning up other's messes. However, when the lounge is located 1/2 a football field's length from your patient's rooms, it's really quite inhumane to ask anyone to chase back and forth after an energy drink and take care of 5 patients all at the same time.

    So that's basically my gripe! Not being allowed to have food or drink near your area of work!

    I'll admit I've been known to hide my coffee now and then!
    i do understand thier rational ( at least at someplaces of work lol) howver fwiw - i dont know to many who dont "hide" a drink and even a snack. the place i work now has a side room designated so everyone can keep thier stuff nearby but not at the workstation so we dont have to go a football field away. just a thought.
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    Quote from mianders
    osha or jcaho says that a nurses station is a patient care area and that is why you can not have food or drinks there. i have been a nurse a long time and have never seen a nurse do patient care at the nurses station. it is a rediculous rule made by people who have no idea what they are talking about on this matter. don't get me wrong they are both worthwhile orginizations, but this rule is wrong.

    it's a shame
    with osha, jcaho, & dept of health
    to blame.

    that nurses can't
    eat or drink
    at work stations
    somebody take a quick look and blink.

    if nurses
    all gave up their jobs
    the entire human race
    would starting droppin'-dead in blobs.

    we need to eat and drink, too.
    yes, we give patient care
    but we have nutritional needs too.

    who says patients and families
    shouldn't see us eat?
    only the real unproessionals
    could support this feat

    we nurses are human
    who need to survive
    the toil of long hours/accountablity
    requires food/drink and drive.

    won't somebody say something?

    [s]registered nursing. the best profession healthcare dollars can buy.[/s]
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    Quote from hikernurse
    Of course with a policy like this, I'm sure your hospital enforces a lunch break (or two if you're working a 12-hour shift) and a couple of mid-breaks in between for eating, yes?

    HA! my hospital is trying to come down on us over the food/drink at the nurse's station thing (there's an outbreak of a norovirus affecting many staff at the moment) However, not one of our night supervisors is enforcing the rule. Why? Because 11-7 nurses DON'T GET A BREAK where I work. We're allegedly a different kind of human who can survive without nutrition for 8-12 hours after sleeping all day. When I was first hired, I asked why we are the only shift who doesn't get a break, and got two responses- 1-"that's the way it's always been done here" and 2-"isn't it always quiet enough that you can get a few bites in while charting?" The real reason, IMO- because we are a non-smoking facility, one would have to clock out and leave the grounds in order to smoke. This way they think they're cutting down on "smoke breaks", since any employee smoking, say, on a sidewalk, has "left the grounds" while on duty- they obviously aren't on the break they don't get at 2AM.
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