Alternative to compression stockings

  1. Hi,
    I get sore legs from nursing and I find compression stockings helpful for the pain. The problem is I am really sensitive to heat and get a type of eczema (pompholyx) on my feet when I wear them. This is itchy and painful and difficult to get rid of so I was hoping someone may have a helpful alternative to compression stockings that does not encase the foot.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    There are a lot of compression "sleeves" for runners that are for the legs. Popular brands are Zensah, 2XU, and ProCompression. Google "calf sleeves for runners" or "compression sleeves for runners" and you'll find a bunch!
  4. by   KatieMI
    Plantar fasciitis sleeves from Walking company (better be fitted first time in store, then bought on Amazon) and calf compression sleeves ($10 or so on, or same good 'ol Amazon).
  5. by   AceOfHearts<3
    If the issue is with your feet getting too hot and not your legs they make compression sleeves for the calves that end at the ankle. Just type in compression sleeve on Amazon and you'll get a bunch of options. I love Amazon- I ordered a pair of compression socks from 4 different companies to see if I had preference. Blitzu has compression socks and compression sleeves. I have a pair of blitzu compression socks and one of my coworkers wears them too.

    edit: others have suggested the same thing while I was typing my response