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Advice, please

  1. 0 I recently left the hospital after many years for public health. I stayed on per diem for many various reasons, one of which being my husband's worry over the funding status of the public health job. My hospital requires very specific things for per diem slots, and I simply have not been able to keep up with the hours they require.

    Several years ago, we got a new nurse manager. None of the nurses in our unit has a good relationship with the manager, but I have a particularly acrimonious relationship with her because I cannot keep my mouth shut and just go along to get along. If I had a better nurse manager, I would never have sought another job.

    I decided to totally resign from the hospital, typed up a resignation letter, and went to see her. She was not there (not unusual) so I slid it under her door (typical method for getting her information). The next day I called and left her a message asking her to please let me know if she got it and to see if anything else was required of me. That was a week ago, and I have had no response. I know she's been there, she's just ignoring me. I called again two days ago and left another message for her, asking her to please just let me know that she just received it. Still, no reply, and I know she's been at work.

    What do I do? Just call HR? She hates it when people call HR. My last encounter with her was because I called HR to clarify per diem policies and they let her know I called them. She called me and actually used the "how dare you" phrase because I "went over her head." I'm so afraid she's trying to find away to screw me and keep me from being eligible for rehire. I really don't ever want to work there again, but they own all the hospitals in a 3 county area, so I don't think it's wise to burn bridges.
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    what do you care what she hates? She is no longer your problem. If a future employer needs a reference they will call HR so I would contact them and let them know what you reported here.
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    It's probably a good idea to give a copy of the resignation letter to HR at the same time you hand it in to the manager.

    What's to prevent her from acting as if she never got it, and then you get terminated (on paper) for not meeting your per diem requirement, for not submitting a resignation, working a notice, or whatever.

    I would contact HR.
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    You've given her ample time and occasion to contact you. Go ahead and contact HR -and be sure to mention that you haven't heard back from your manager and it's been a week or 2 weeks or however long it's been
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    Thanks for the advice, I will be calling HR today. It just confirms for me why I left.
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    I would call HR and tell them about how you left the note. For future reference, for something this important, I would not slide it under the door. But you probably know that already.
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    Quote from beeker
    I would call HR and tell them about how you left the note. For future reference, for something this important, I would not slide it under the door. But you probably know that already.
    She finally called me back and left a message and admitted that she was sitting at her desk when I knocked on the door. "I saw you slide it under the door." ***** I saved the message so when I do my exit interview they can hear it if they'd like. We've lost 22 staff members since Christmas, 38 since she became manager. I just wish someone would notice what she's doing to the unit!