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I had an interview today and asked the nurse manager if I could shadow as part of the interview process. She said sure and imagine my surprise when she asked me if I could come in tomorrow at 7 am! I am exhausted from a full day... Read More

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    Quote from hiddencatRN
    That's funny- the advice I was given was the exact opposite of that. Jump in, ask lost of questions, interact with the patients.
    I will add that I do think it's good to make yourself useful, but be careful about actually providing patient care since you're not an employee that would be a liability situation. For example, in clinical I almost had a patient fall out of bed onto me when we were turning her, so even something simple as assisting with turning a patient probably wouldn't be a good idea. I ran for supplies at one point, but other than that I held back. I spoke with the patients, but not about their conditions, just general pleasantries. I do think a good rule is to ask whomever you shadow what they expect of people shadowing, then you know you are on the same page!