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Hello all. I am new to the forum so if this is posted incorrectly, please feel free to move. I want to become a CRNA. I live in Georgia, 43 yrs old and graduated in 1992 with a BBA Management. I... Read More

  1. by   subee
    By the time you get you BSN and the years of critical care experience required (Yes, I know they state that only one year is required but the typical student has five to seven years of experience), you will be pushing 50. Yes, you might even graduate at 50 but you will be deeply in debt. I work for a very large corporation and I see very few people working beyond early 60's. Yes, the occasional cushy old man job is around but they usually go to the guys who have worked the longest in the department.
  2. by   montecarlo64
    I graduated from an LPN to RN program (ADN) in May 2010. I had been an LPN since 1993 & it took me since 2004 to do prereqs, and the RN program while working full time. I was 45 years old when I graduated last year (3.89 GPA) & to do over again I WOULD NOT HAVE pursued the RN..I am from indiana, and I applied to 20 positions at 8 different area hospitals with only 2 interviews & 1 offer for a part time position 1 1/2 hour away. I make only $3 more an hour in LTC (where most of my career has been). Hospitals disregard the LPN experience & most LTC really would rather have an LPN. I am hoping that as I gain more "RN" experience I might be more marketable in the hospital setting. I am working in a management position, but my true passion is critical care. At your age, I would think long & hard before putting in all of the money and effort. I also would recommend that you shadow nurses in different settings to make sure that it is a career that you will be satisfied with, in whatever position you may secure. It is hard work & it just keeps getting harder. Your current degree should help you get to a management position quicker, but I am not sure that you will have enough time in your career to get to CRNA. I wish you good luck with your endeavor!