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    can someone explain me what it really means when accuchecks are ordered ac & hs? it is simple but i never understand how this thing works....

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    AC is before meals, and HS is at bedtime. Thus, there would be 4 accuchecks in 24 hours at 0730, 1130, 430, and 9 PM (for example).
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    I am sure you know that ac means before meals. Reason for this is to determine blood sugar before eating to see if there are insulin needs not being met by natural insulin, added insulin or oral meds that increase insulin production. That's the basics.

    Biggest reason for hs check is to be sure the person is not likely to have an insulin reaction in sleep. This is very scary and many people have died as a result of lowered blood sugars.

    When people are under any type of stress-infection,illness, emotional, lack of sleep, certain meds., etc. They will have higher blood sugars. We usually have to titrate insulin to the individual requirements as their conditions change.

    Is this what you needed?
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    ac accu checks are done a 1/2 prior to a meal with coverage via a sliding scale ordered by the physician. hs checks done usually somewhere between 8-9:00 pm.
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