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Hi all, I am currently a nursing student in a BSN RN program heading into my senior year (woo hoo almost done). I have also been elected Vice President of the Student Nurses Association at my school and today I got hit with... Read More

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    How sad........I sit here slowly shaking my head. What is a police officer without his badge? You have a college degree a bachelors in science....like every other Bachelors of science. What are you going to do to celebrate that you worked for you bachelors harder than every other bachelors graduate by becomming a nurse. A choice above the rest. I think the pinning ceremony rewards and designates us being different from the rest. It celebrates us a caretakers of the sick and injured. It celebrates ALL that work we have done to get us where we are.....That we are a nurse and we are proud.

    If we don't have a clear vision and connection to where we have been........
    we will never be able to see where we are going clearly.

    How very terribly sad...... wow just wow.
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    I'm a strong advocate of pinning as a bonding tradition... a ceremony of the old guard welcoming the newly initiated. Not exactly the same thing, nor very dissimilar, I was serving in the US Marines when a bunch of bored civilians learned about our tradition of 'blood pinning', and made such a fuss that the ancient tradition was criminalized. My point being two-fold: 1) embrace and cherish our proud traditions and history, and 2) never let outsiders take that away from you.

    School administrators aren't (probably) nurses, and the ceremony itself costs the school nothing. I have no idea why any prospective employer would even know either way, let alone care. It's not like you're getting "RN" tattooed on your forehead (though I know some nurses who would). It's as innoculous as, eg, film studies majors agreeing to wear yellow socks to graduation. If that's important to them, then they should do it.

    I look fondly back at those few blood pinnings I took part in before the change. Was it necessary? Of course not. Did it help unite us and remind us of our distinction from others? Absolutely. Even afterward, the 'bloodless' pinning ceremonies were still a strong, symbolic recognition of someone's merits and achievements, and our comaraderie together.
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    our pinning ceremony is tomorrow - I'm a junior and we plan the senior's pinning - to us the pinning is bigger than graduation and I know many of the nursing grads are skipping graduation and just going to the pinning

    our department is very gung-ho about pinning
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    I am finishing my BSN this year. We have a pinning and a graduation with the rest of the school. I am much more excited for the pinning. I'm really only walking at graduation for my grandparents ( I'm their first grandchild). I would be very upset if they took the pinning away from us. I don't think that it shouldn't be for BSN students! Ps I am also in a school I NY close to the city.
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    OP, does your school mean they do not want to PAY for it?

    If the school does not want to be involved, you could still have one.

    It would be work and planning, but you could still do it.
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    I declined to attend my graduation and pinning ceremony for my LPN; for my RN it was a graduation requirement and I was ****** as hell I had to take time off to attend. I am not a sentimental person and I hate crap like this. Silliness and a waste of time. I did not attend my BSN graduation or their little departmental pinning (so that we could be charged another 100 bucks for a pin?). I personally think it's just dumb. My accomplishments are meaningful to me, I don't need recognition, flowers, a pat on the back and a stupid Nightengale pledge to validate them.

    But who says the university has to approve or organize a pinning? Why do they get to decide? I like the idea of the junior students organizing it for the seniors. The school's student nursing chapter could organize it; they always seem to be gung-ho for projects. People who are interested in it can participate; those who aren't, don't have to.

    You want a pinning ceremony; take matters into your own hands. You don't need school approval to have one.
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    How much of our identity do we want to loose/give away? Sadly, uniforms and caps are a thing of the past....sloppy and ill-fitting scrubs, dirty grass-stained sneakers....even our name tags have RN printed in miniscule lettering (unless we protest). A school pin at least identifies where you worked so hard to get your degree and licenseure.
    Your patient should be able to identify you an a registered nurse but first you need to identify yourself as such and conduct yourself in such a way as you do yourself and your profession proud...Your patients and fellow staff shouldn't have to guess...
    We don't have to go back to doilies on our heads and giving up our seats to MDs but for heaven's sake have some pride in your appearance folks....
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    Oh, wow! Pinning is still a very big thing for us! I just graduated from Arizona State University's BSN program (class of 60 students) last August and our pinning was part of the graduation ceremony. ASU has two ceremonies: Commencement with the whole university and the star-speaker (blah, blah, blah). Half the time a ton of people don't bother with that because it's for the entire university, so the ceremony is HUGE, only doctoral candidates walk across the stage, etc., so you're literally just sitting there for like three hours listening to speeches. Boring.

    But Convocation is where the individual colleges do their own ceremonies and have class speakers, etc. In Convocation, we elect our class speaker, a couple of the deans do their own talking, they call the names of the students, we walk across the stage in our cap and gown, get pinned by a faculty member that we voted on, shake hands with the dean, and then get handed our diploma cover. So they just do it all in one go for us, which keeps the tradition alive, but not in it's own separate ceremony, which has always worked for us.

    The "pinning" simply consists of us putting the pin that we got at the Lighting of the Lamp ceremony at the beginning of the program on a long ribbon that we hand to the faculty of choice and they put it on us like a necklace. Not exactly a pinning, but it saves time lol. It works really well for us to just have the pinning be part of the graduation ceremony.
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    in error, see comment below
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    Quote from Twinmom06
    our pinning ceremony is tomorrow - I'm a junior and we plan the senior's pinning - to us the pinning is bigger than graduation and I know many of the nursing grads are skipping graduation and just going to the pinning

    our department is very gung-ho about pinning
    That's really neat that the Juniors plan the Senior's pinning ceremony! That's kind of a cool tradition for your school. Reminds me of Juniors planning Senior Prom in high school :P

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