A Pause at the Moment of Death: Your Thoughts - page 2

The patient came in by ambulance after a motor vehicle accident. His body was intact because the impact had not been severe, but it appeared he had had a medical event that precipitated the crash and... Read More

  1. by   SobreRN
    That is nice, I worked in oncology for 10 years and we never did that. Moment of death a family member would run out to nursing station a total wreck and I would comfort them (I never made it through that dry-eyed. The patients were in and out, we got to know them.)
    Last death I saw was quite peaceful, elderly lady already comatose with a Morphine drip and orders to titrate if I saw a hint of distress.
    I am a corrections RN now and hope not to see a death given the only deaths we see in jail are homicides and suicides. Patients who are otherwise ill or injured go out to the hospital.
    That really is a wonderful idea in the hospital, I would think it would help to remember it was someone elses' mom, dad, sister, brother rather than just another code.