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I will be graduating soon from the ADN program and was thinking about jobs. If I get the option, what shift is better 8 or 12 hour shifts? Twelve hours might be nice to get it all over and have more... Read More

  1. by   ashleyr34
    That is so true, what is another four hours a day for more days off during the week Thanks!
  2. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    I'm try to convince my husband to let me work two days a week. Now, that I can do.
  3. by   GinginRN
    I have worked 8 hr and 12 hr shifts. My preference leans towards the 12 hr shifts. The shifts may be longer, but in my mind, having the 3-4 days off in a row make it worthwhile. After working 12 hr shifts, I returned to the 8 hr shifts for a couple of months. I felt as though I was living at the facility, and it was rare to get a couple of days off in a row.

    The downside of the 12 hr shifts, especially if you work nights, you will feel as though you work, sleep, eat, and nothing else for a few days.
  4. by   ashleyr34
    That is a good thought, that if I work longer days then I will be able to have more time off to be involved with other things. It does sound like long days but several days off does sound refreshing!
  5. by   ashleyr34
    You can't go wrong with more days off from work huh? Thanks for your thoughts and congrats on passing the NCLEX on your grandchild's birthday!!!!
  6. by   ashleyr34
    2 16s? WOW!!! that sounds like a long day and feet that ache! haha How did you do it? From what it sounds like from what you've said, twelves are nice for more days off, especially so you can have more of a life when your young. I bet you miss your weekends, but having a set schedule would be nice!
  7. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Chances are you'll be working nights. 5 nights a week killed me. Now I work 12 hr days and I love it. You don't have to work all three in a row...
  8. by   rnfostermom
    I agree with another poster who stated that w/8s she could do things in her off hours and w/12s all she does is sleep/work/commute. I've worked 0.8 and 0.9 FTEs over the years and w/8s I felt I was working every day and that got old. However since going to 12s I have really felt like my life went down the tank. Love the work I'm doing but never get to spend time with my family, feel like all I do is work and sleep, etc. I think the big thing I anticipated w/going to 12s was that "4 days off a week" but I rarely seemed to get it. Our staffer was always chopping things up, 1 day here, 2 days there. In 2 weeks I'm going to a straight weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) 12 hour position on another unit and I'm so excited about this. Too bad I missed the summer working and sleeping all the time....
  9. by   cyresncayleb1530
    Ive done 8 hours shifts for a year and now I'm doing 12hours shift and loving it. Yes it may be tiring at first but you will get used to it eventually. Plus think about the days off in between you will get. 4 days off vs 2 days off... think about it! Good luck! =]
  10. by   Anelite2014
    Quote from sadavey
    I've worked both, and I love 12s. I've never worked nights, but a 6a-6p still gives me time to do stuff in the evening. And I wouldn't trade my four days off for anything.
    My job right now (LTC) does not offer 12s and it makes me sad. I'd rather work less days for the same amount of hours.
    WOW! That sounds great!
  11. by   DutchRN09
    I worked 8's and felt I was nver home, now I do weekend 12's and it's great.
  12. by   LifeLearner776
    I prefer the time off that working 12 hr shifts provide.
  13. by   sallyhoward1964
    Quote from ashleyr34
    I will be graduating soon from the ADN program and was thinking about jobs. If I get the option, what shift is better 8 or 12 hour shifts? Twelve hours might be nice to get it all over and have more days off, but it sounds like you would get burned out fast. Any ideas or personal experiences?
    I've done both.As a young single nurse the 12 hr shifts were good. As I got older and had a family it was easier to do the 8hr shifts esp as the children got older and were more involved with extracurricular activities. The 8 hr shiftwas a great benefit to me when I suddenly became the single mother of 4.Sally M Howard