33? that's a lot

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    October 03. 2013 7:23AM
    33 workers infected with scabies at Exeter Hospital

    Union Leader Correspondent
    EXETER - More than 30 employees at Exeter Hospital have been treated for scabies after becoming infected by a patient.

    The infections occurred in early September and were reported to state health officials on Sept. 27, hospital spokesman Debra Vasapolli said.

    In addition to the 33 infected workers, nearly 300 hospital employees were treated proactively to prevent the spread of the contagious skin infection caused by mites.

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    Now I feel itchy
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    I've been exposed to scabies by my little patients thousands of times and have never caught it. I can see one or two, but 33? I am itching all over!
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    Exeter Hospital just can't get a break......they also had that huge HepC outbreak from worker.

    Former Employee of Exeter Hospital Pleads Guilty to Charges Related to Multi-State Hepatitis C Outbreak


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