2018 Nursing Salary Survey Results -Demographics

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    The 2018 allnurses Salary Survey was conducted over a 4-week period of time in February 2018. The data from almost 17,000 nurses has been analyzed and we are happy to be able to share the results via interactive images. Through this interactivity, you will be able to customize your view and see how various factors influence nursing salary.

    2018 Nursing Salary Survey Results -Demographics

    The Survey

    In February 2018, allnurses members and readers holding an active nursing license were invited via the allnurses website, newsletters, emails, and Facebook to participate in a 10-minute online nursing salary survey. Participants answered 28 questions about educational background (degree, license), level of experience, age, geographic location, nursing specialty, and more. To enable us to provide insight on the much talked about issue of Safe Staffing and Nurse/Patient Ratios, we asked questions about the nurse-patient ratios where our participants are employed. The data regarding Staffing Ratios will be shared in Part 2 of the survey results.

    After 4 weeks, almost 17,000 responses were received, providing valuable data. This year we will be sharing the data in 4 articles. In this and future articles, this data will be shared with you through interactive charts allowing you to customize your search.


    This first article will focus on the profiles of the participants. Be sure to click on the filters at the top of the charts to change the view. You can change the data for Gender, Age, HIghest Nursing Degree, License, Primary Nursing Specialty, Geographic Location and Length of Nursing Experience.

    It is no surprise that the nursing profession is still dominated by females. Feel free to click on the various ages to see if there is a shift one way or the other.

    Compared to the 2017 results there has been an upward shift in the age of nurses. The 50 and over age group comprises 41% of the workforce for 2018 compared to 30% in 2017. There will be more discussion on this trend in the next issue of the allnurses Magazine.
    The majority of the respondents have a BSN or ADN/ASN Degree (45.16% and 40.47% respectively), followed by Diploma (5.72%), MSN (7.9%), DNP (0.45%), PhD (0.22%), and DNSc (0.09%). There has been an upward shift in all degrees except for Diploma.

    Med/Surg still ranks at the top for Nursing Specialty with 11.27%. Other popular specialties are, Geriatrics (8.31%) overtaking Emergency this year (6.83%), and Cardiac (5.04%) passing OB/GYN (4.91%). Scroll through the filters to see where your age group and level of experience falls.

    Please add to the comments below regarding any data or trends you see that are surprising.

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