103.6 F temp

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    I am 16yrs. and running a temp of 103.6. I've taken all the OTC drugs to reduce it and nothing's worked. My mom called the Mds office and the nurse said that it was not a serious temperature. What do you think, my mom says it is but the doctors nurse says it isn't. What would you do w\your child if in this situation? ER?

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    I would go directly to the ER. That is a serious temp. We order a cooling blanket for a temp that high in the hospital. How long have you had the temp. Never mind don't answer...go to the ER.
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    To the ER, definately! Take care and keep us posted please.
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    You're at the prime age for meningitis.... a real -- - real serious emergency. Anyone , adult, child and baby should be seen ASAP with a temp over 101. Beat it to the E.R. !!!!!!!

    Good Luck and let us know how you are. And, make sure mom calls the doctors' office and lets them know their advice was all wrong !!!
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    They a spinal tap, and it's not meningitis, they are still not for sure what it is but are leaning on a dx of influenza. Thanks for the advice guys, my mom is a nurse and she just wanted me to check w\somebody else to confirm that the nurse at the doctors office had lost her mind. They've got me up here in a room on fluids for now. I will keep you posted
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    The joy of a laptop, huh?

    Glad to hear you went to the ER and that the LP did not show meningitis.

    Get well soon and keep us posted.
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    You are typing quite well for a fever that high. My hubby had one that high last year from a urosepsis (urinary tract infection that went into the bloodstream) and he was confused and couldn't walk from it. He has M.S. though, and fever always aggravates the M.S.
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    I would switch docs.
    Glad you are feeling better
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    well, you bet i'm switching MDs, I've got two strains of Influenza and I also have developed the Chicken Pox. How lucky can a guy get huh?
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    Were you not imunized as a child for chickenpox?

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