10 years later.. Remembering my first clinical patient - page 2

I still remember my first clinical patient well. I was a brand new nursing student, never having touched a patient before starting school, and now she was in my care. She was elderly, although I... Read More

  1. by   dove141
    That story is awesome! Thank you.
  2. by   Syleanor
    Hi , I was a registered nurse for thirty two years before I took early retirement last December. I did enjoy your story which reminded me of my first clinical experience. Though it wa not my first patient I clearly remember assisting my fellow student to do a bath and dressing for a paraplegic patient with decubitus ulcers when the Principal Nursing Officer burst behind the screens and ripped us apart for having what she called "those dangerous looking forceps". Afterward the patient consoled us. We became friends and I visited her after she was discharged until the time she died. I am still friends with her children. This really made a difference for me.
  3. by   busyallthetime
    I loved your story!!! Thank you for sharing that with us!
  4. by   edrn66
    Love the story! Thanks for sharing your story. It belongs in a nursing book. Nursing is such a rewarding job and I'm glad that you found out early on. Humor and wit have gotten me through my career. I'm an E.D. nurse, as well as, Paramedic. So, you know we all see some sad/bad things. But, when we smile or add a little humor the mood lightens and most patients, along with their families appreciate this.
    Renee, RN, EMT-P