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"Why do you want to be a nurse anyway? They're doctors skivvies!" :devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil: This was what a friend of mine said to me while I was at the bookstore buying some books... Read More

  1. by   ewere
    In nigeria skivvies are refer to as use ,abused,dump. because people see us as always carrying drs order
    even if itright or wrong.but nurses in government hosp are usually repected.also nurses earn little but work harder.
    Your friend is either jealous of you or afraid that you would be more successful than her..

  2. by   oakbourne
    Talk about jealousy, it is out there folks.I have an ADN in nursing, and my friend has her MSN. We grew up together, poor, but we had a great childhood. Since she has a high demand career, making big bucks, and has her MSN, she no longer wants to associate with me. I have another degree, a BA in Journalism, and my ADN.

    I think we need to treat each other as equals. I treat my CNAs or the DON the same. I am no better than the next guy and they are no better than me, but some people feel differently. That is my 0.50 cents worth.
  3. by   PopeJane3rd
    Quote from studentdan
    "Why do you want to be a nurse anyway? They're doctors skivvies!"

    This was what a friend of mine said to me while I was at the bookstore buying some books on Nursing.

    I just laughed it off there and then but it only really hit me while I was at home reading the nursing skills book I bought. It has made me so mad that I needed to come straight on here and vent!

    I don't think in anyway shape or form that a nurse is a doctors skivvie. Nursing is a profession in its own just as medicine is a profession in its own right.

    People [he included] obviously think nurses are hired by doctors! UGH!! I'm that mad right now I can't continue writing this..!

    He's in college studying to be an English teacher..

    Skivvy: a female domestic servant who does all kinds of menial work. It's used as a slang word sometimes in the UK and Ireland.

    You've got to develop thicker skin than that if you are to make in nursing. Just from talking to nurses on this board I can see where the real stress comes from in nursing: it's not doctors, not the hours, workload, pay, none of that. The real stress may come in nursing for anyone is dealing with other female nurses. Some of them come across difficult and extremely critical without analyzing their own faults. But back to the issue at hand, I woudn't worry about what someone said on the skivvie thing. Sometimes people say things they think might sound funny, but ends up angering someone else.
  4. by   minirn
    I think you are taking the comment too personal - get over it.
  5. by   Kurious RN
    Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.
  6. by   oakbourne
    I agree, this poster has got to develop thicker skin. Try to compartmentalize your feelings, and hold it there, because once you get on the floor,clinc, et cetera, you can get your feelings hurt on a daily basis. Don't take it personal and don't use up that much energy on something someone said . Just hang TUFF and be polite.
  7. by   Alvindudley
    Yeah when I said I was going to nursing school, a doctor "friend" said, "but you are too smart to be a nurse". "You will hate it". nice. idiot