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On my way to work I usually got the "performance jitters" - you see, I was not the Nurse my patients saw each day, that was a role that I played; I played it well. Each shift "Nancy Nurse",my... Read More

  1. by   Tolos
    Thank you so much, I too saw myself in this piece, so I did med/surg, but now I've decided to go with the "Babs" part of me. I am doing infusion nursing where once in a while, when I have a busy schedule or an infusion reactions "Nancy" wakes up in me. For the most part I am at a "babs" stage now.

    :heartbeatWhat type of nursing are you doing currently? Do you like it or still miss the ER every now and then? I'd suggest you go into nurse education. I will be glad to have your experiences imparted to my children.
  2. by   Babs0512
    Tolos: Thank you for you kind words. I do miss some aspects of the ER, but not enough to go back. We had two personal tragedies within my last two years in the ER which did have an impact on my decision to leave. I currently work in the PACU (recovery room), so I get to continue to use my critical care skills, for the most part, on "stable" patients.

    I would LOVE to teach. Unfortunately that would require me to have a masters degree, which I don't, and I cannot afford to go back to school. Even if my employer were to cover my tuition cost, I would have to pay up front, they would reimburse me end of each year. They don't cover books or other fees. So teaching isn't in my future.

    Glad you live with your "Babs" and that your "Nancy" is available to help when needed. I will be posting another article in the next week or two, (probably closer to two) - with another "Nancy" and Babs episode. (all are true stories by the way).

    Thank you again

  3. by   MBA2NNP
    All I have to say is wow! As a 34 year old mother of a 1 year old girl I am freaking out a little though....
  4. by   NurseMaul

    wow, how many times i wondered who that was.
  5. by   nurse nettie
    What a fascinating story. Such a sad ending. Thank you!
  6. by   tattooednursie
    That is great. I have found nursing to be a real struggle lately. Maybe that is something that would work for me.
  7. by   otterridge
    Thank you for such an insightful story. I am a new graduate working in an ICU, and so far we haven't had too many bad situations. I am working on developing my own "Nancy Nurse", because "Babs" is alive and kicking. I enjoyed this story very much.
  8. by   YellowFinchFan
    I really enjoyed reading your article! We all have that split personality thing going - sometimes my "Nancy" has to emerge to get me through a really tough day - and when I get home my true self becomes emotional and stressed and I don't know how I did it - but I did!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels like a spectator sometimes, or some situations make me feel like I'm there (but on overdrive or something).....

    Great Job!
  9. by   aloevera
    I was so moved by your article....Boy, did it ever hit home....You are an excellent writer.....I look forward to future articles of yours...
    Thank you for sharing !!
  10. by   sleepingbeauty1651
    In the middle of a code, ( it was very obvious that we were losing this 8 months pregnant woman and her fetus) I turned to her husband and asked "Can I call someone for you" and he answered with tears flowing down his cheek "we just moved here from ........(name of country), we know no one". That was my realization that our jobs can turn us into emotional wrecks if we allow it to.

    She died, and we could'nt saved her baby. He lost two loved ones within 20 minutes, in a country surrounded by total strangers.

    It happen sometimes, we detach ourselves from the horrors. Then sometimes from these same horrors we find hope and joy, like the joy we felt when this same gentleman returned to tell us how comforted he felt that afternoon when he had no one to turn to.

    There will always be plenty of Babs and Nancys,
  11. by   Babs0512
    Thank you for your story. That is why we do what we do.

    I'm working on another story, I hope to have it done by the weekend. It's sort of a contuation of Nancy & Babs. It's another true story. I am very humbled at how well my first article has done, I feel like anything else I write, won't compare. But I will try. These articles are some of the situations that led up to my leaving the ER.

    Thanks again Babs
  12. by   aloevera
    I went in to nursing over 25 yrs. ago for survival (young child, divorce)
    I knew then that I didn't have what it takes to work in the ER for just the stories that you have verified to me.....I have taken the, let's just say, the more cautious route in my career....home health, psych, dr. office, nursing home, etc.....I can only imagine what you and other ER nurses must do to survive....your articles give a deep insight as to how you manage to cope...I, too, see tragedy but surely not on the scale that the ER nurse does....I applaud all ER nurses and am in awe of them !!! My heart goes out to them for all they do....:heartbeat
  13. by   Peggyfaye
    This is profound. As an ER nurse, I am feeling much the same, although both of me is handling the work load, the hospital politics are wearing me down.
    May you find your true place in nursing that will nourish both of you. Peace, Peggy