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Hi, I am not a GI nurse specialist, but was hoping to get some accurate info from nurses who specialize in Gastro. I am embarassed to ask this question, however it has been driving me crazy. Here it is... A PEG and/or PEJ... Read More

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    Quote from Catfoster
    This isn't what was asked, but I was wondering if nurses are doing the cuts on the PEG placements in other parts of the country. We do the cuts but we need an extra RN in the room for CS.
    I do Pediatric GI. When I started, I was doing the cuts for the PEG Placements. Then I was told by my hospital administrator, that was not in my scope of practice. I could get sued or fired. Guess what... I don't do that anymore. It is extremely difficult since we only have 2 MD's, no fellows and the docs want us to do it but it is my license. Check with your Board of Nursing before you do it, different states may have different rules.

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