NSAID's use after surgery

  1. Any information, evidence based practice, about taking NSAID's after (let's assume) a normal healthy adult s/p EGD or colonoscopy with a few random biopsies taken?

    Our pre-printed routing discharge form has a fill in the blank check list for the doctor to complete. Of course we're lucky if they maybe check one or two lines. We check the obvious ones.....resume normal diet and activities tomorrow.......call (fill in the phone number) for your follow up appointment etc.

    They never fill in the blank about "you have had biopsies taken don't take NSAID's, (we actually list the main ones) for ______ weeks." We always just write "until you see your doctor at the follow up appointment."

    What do other GI clinics do? For a few random biopsies do NSAID's need to be avoided?
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  3. by   RNsRWe
    No, never routinely.

    We've got a line with a box in front to check if the doc specifically wants a person off of NSAIDS for 30 days, for specific GI symptoms/ulcerations/etc. Otherwise, no.
  4. by   brownbook
    Thanks for your reply. Makes sense
  5. by   Lilme04
    At our facility, the sedation nurse lets the recovery nurse know if cautery was used. Then the discharge form has a spot where you can check off that the pt has to avoid NSAID's for 2 weeks (in the case of cautery), or indefinitely, as the doc sees fit. Of course, if the pt has a cardiologist, we inform them, and then they dictate whether it's safe for the pt to be off their med for 2 weeks or not.

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