medications via feeding tubes

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    Im not sure if this is the right forum, if not maybe a mod can move it?

    But my question is: We have a question about giving meds via feeding tube. The literature states to give each medication separately with flushes in-between meds. Ive rarely seen this done. Also, what about fluid restrictions? Some patients are on 20-30 meds a day.

    Whats the practice out there and you thoughts. Also any other literature you can point me to would be greatly appreciated.


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    I would start with a 30cc flush and end with a 30cc flush and 10-15cc in between multiple meds.
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    yup that is the text book method, the real world is much different...several are mixed and given together....sometimes without checking that they are compatible (sp) can try to get the doc to order them that way (all together) ......good luck
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    In all my years of nursing I have only seen one nurse flush between separate meds. Everyone else has prepared everything and gave it at once with a flush before and a flush after. It might depend on whether you have one patient or 45 to give meds to. But I guess there is really no excuse for using poor practices.
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    It's also important not to have the poor patient waterlogged. Every shift needs to monitor I/O carefully. Doctors also could help as to what meds could be safely mixed per G/tube.

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