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LPN's in Endo??

  1. 0 Does anyone know of any LPN's working in Endo? I had worked as a certified endo tech in NJ for about 5 yrs but was laid off due to cut backs in the hosp. I took advantage of my un employment and went back to school for LPN. I'm graduating 6/24/11 and would really like to get back into endo but wasn't sure what I could do as an LPN since i cant do a push. Any ideas??? Other then getting my RN lol
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    I think you would end up being hired as a GI tech even with your LVN. I have seen LVN's working as GI techs but I don't know what they got paid (as a tech or LVN?) as they also worked in other areas of our GI/surgery clinic.
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    The Endo unit I work in has several LPNs. They do patient admits and recovery, as well as teching in the procedure room.
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    I am a LPN and I work in a GI center so yes it's possible, especially with your background experience.
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    It very much is possible, but of course that depends on the size of the unit, number of daily/weekly procedures and the needs for admit and discharge (your most likely areas).
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    I've been working in LTC and Hate it!!! I miss Endo I have only found one Endo LPN position posted but it was an hour and a half away from me. I applied anyway but they never called me. I guess because I'm a "new nurse" not new to endo though. I'm in Central NJ and I only know of one LPN in Endo and she's been doing it for 35 yrs! I would actually be happy to do admit and discharge but it doesnt exist in this area

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