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Ok. I know you shouldnt believe all you see on TV. But the last episode of Greys Anatomy freaked me out. They did a Fecal Transplant on a lady with C diff. I thought..oh lord what has TV done?? People dont actually DO that!!! So... Read More

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    Quote from robrn
    I am happy to report that we have done 10 fecal transplants. All 10 have been successful 100%. Unfortunately I’m becoming the "king of poop”.
    It's good to know such a successful procedure has been developed! 10 for 10!! Hail King of Poop! :bowingpur

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    Check this article out regarding fecal transplant
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    I do this 2 times a week, on average, in the GI/Special Procedures Unit I work in. Fecal sample is obtained from a blood relative, we put it in a blender with warm water to desired consistency (pretty thin). The doctor inserts the colonscope and goes as far as the TI... I use the biospy port and 60cc syringe to flush through the blenderized mixture. We continue the flushes all the way down to the rectum or we run out of the mixture. Published studies show a 95% success rate in eliminating C.Diff this way. Our infectious disease specialist usually refers the patients to our GI docs. It is actually a brilliant procedure for those who need it!
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    I have a friend currently fighting with CDiff...I am going to get her some info and have her contact her gastro doc. Brilliant!
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    Quote from jesswill
    Fecal sample is obtained from a blood relative, we put it in a blender with warm water to desired consistency (pretty thin).
    I really am not sure I could put poop in a blender.

    I think it's awesome that this is working, though!
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    I contracted C-Diff earlier this year as a result of being on cipro for what I thought was a uti. However, it turned out that my boyfriend gave me Chlamydia and I was treated for C-diff before they found the Chlamydia which then had to be treated with antibiotics causing the c diff to return. I have lost ten pounds in the last month and started out at 130. I feel so sick that I am ready to quit my job, but I am afraid of losing the health care. This option seems like a valid one...but I am wondering is there anywhere in California that offers the procedure? Does anyone know of any neighboring state even? My gastro said he gives up basically rather depressing considering that is how I feel
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    Yes there are GI Docs that do Fecal Transplants in OR, CA, NV. Dr Schleinitz Medford OR. Dr Stollman San Francisco, CA. Dr Gao Carson City NV. If you can find a GI Doc that will do this procedure in your area I can send them our hospital protocol and procedure.You are going down the right track in pursuance of fecal transplants. They are 95% to 98% effective in curing recurrent C-Diff. Rob C
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    Wow! I thought this was a joke until I read all 3 pages. Just wow! I'm surprised the most that I'm not grossed out. Not quite sure I would like to blend poop.:uhoh21:
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    Thank you for your posts, Robrn, about fecal transplants being available in CA and OR. I am located in CA and would like to find a local GI doctor who can perform the procedure.

    Where are you located?

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    robrn - do you have a copy of the protocol that your hospital approved to do FT?

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