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I was wondering if I could get some general input from GI nurses and or CRNAs who provide procedural conscious sedation and pain control for colonoscopy. Since I get this exam yearly after avoiding... Read More

  1. by   serialmom12
    yup proves a point that I'm right and you're wrong and totally full of yourself, must be nice.
  2. by   neveragain
    Right on cue hypocaffeinemia does exactly what I expected. Versed can be a very bad drug and is unilaterally used on unsuspecting patients to gain compliance. Villifying those poor souls who have a bad reaction to Midazolam is perplexing to say the least. The amount of subterfuge and aggression by some in the medical field regarding its use is shocking. I expected hypo to try to twist the most recent study on PTSD and the use of Midazolam. My dear you all seem to feel that Versed is the same as Valium, yet now we are going to split hairs as to which exact benzo is being used. Typical. I have read all the web sites that I can find about bad reactions to Versed. I don't find these outside the realm of possibility. Any drug which causes the changes in behavior and cognitive function has an endless possibility for detrimental side effects. Dismissing the side effects as anecdotal, narrowly focused or not possible is very narrow minded. This is an alarming trend in medical care these days. Patients have a right to know what is being put in their bodies and what it does. They have a right to say no. They have a right to be "control freaks" or any other thing. They have an absolute right to have their wishes heeded regardless of what the medical person, nurse, Doctor whatever IMAGINES is best for them. They are living beings with likes, dislikes and life experiences. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, not drugged into oblivion. Midazolam is a commonly used drug to bypass patient rights and autonomy. Midazolam causes extreme anxiety in any number of patients and these human beings are being treated like they are crazy and their concerns are being dismissed as "not Versed!" There are a LOT of people who are not going to get lifesaving medical treatment because of the Midazolam problem. Regardless of how YOU feel about it, patients are saying something else. Because of my experience with Versed I am in a unique position to help patients who have undergone a treatment, usually a colonoscopy or endoscopy in which the drug Versed was used and the effects of it were not revealed by their care givers. These people are nervous WRECKS! Is this what nursing is about? Forcing patients to take a drug and then if they object, quantify their pain or dismiss it entirely? Demand that they PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Versed? Prove it isn't Versed. Please no anecdotal evidence or self serving studies designed to promote the use of Versed.
  3. by   serialmom12
    AMEN!!! Unless you've been a "versed victim" you'll never understand how this drugs changes you for ever. The memory loss, anxiety, depression, paranoia. Is this helping a person? I can't possibly see how it could. It just makes the patient a compliant zombie for the medical profession to hurry through diagnostic procedures not giving a crap whether or not the patient is in pain and actually laughing and commenting how they won't remember the screaming and writhing when they wake up.....alot of DO remember that.
    One procedure I would never endure again is an endoscopy. They use this technique to look down your throat and see if anything is wrong...usually either not finding anything or finding something that they can't do anything about. This test is like midevil torture, I have permant throat damage from it, I choke on almost everything I eat or drink since I had this done. I went into respiratory arrest while having this test and being pumped up with more and more versed because I woke up 5 times....all the drug did was make me violent, I'm told I almost strangled the Dr to death and it took 4 orderlies to pull me off of him (I wonder if that would be a justifyable homicide? It would be in my book....I can see the headlines now "Patient given evil poison Versed for an endoscopy, and murders Doctor from a paradoxical reaction.")
    The funny thing is that the Dr actually called me up after I complained to the CEO of the hospital about this torture from hell, and the Dr had the gall to call me up, not once but several times, telling me to come back in so he could stretch my throat so I wouldn't choke.....Like I'm stupid or something and am going to let this moron actually TOUCH me again????? What the hell is wrong with the medical profession today? Especially the idiots that live in Florida....I think every Dr that can't make it anywhere else gets hired in FL. In the past 18 years if there was a quack, moron, rapist, molester, or ignoramus....I've managed to find him/her in the tampa bay area.
    If you're thinking of having any surgery may want to email me first.....I'm sure after all I've been through, I'd probably help SAVE your life from these morons AND from being a basket case from the drug Versed.:angryfire
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