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hi everyone, i'm not a nurse, i just play one on tv, no, just kidding, i'm a police officer in the us and a crime scene tech. i need some help from you sanes out there in putting together a program for an upcoming conference in... Read More

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    HI everyone, I'm new on this board. As a Forensic Nurse Examiner, I appreciate & respect your feelings. Unfortunately, good photos can be critical if a patient decides to prosecute. We try to make the process the least traumatic as possible. In actuality, I've never had a patient object yet. It's just the two of us in the room, unless it's an inmate who needs guards, and we set the tone of compassion, respect & dignity from the beginning of the exam- way before any photos are taken. By the time we get to taking pics, the patients are usually pretty calmed down and agreeable.
    I agree. I am a SANE and I have never had a problem obtaining consent for photographs. Light seems to be an issue when we take photos, usually our exam rooms have fluorescent lighting and it can really be a problem. of course you will want to have sufficient measuring landmarks and when it comes to technique, quick and concise are very important. Hope this helps.