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Who else out there is a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner? I have been doing this for about 6-8 months and just went through the week long core SANE training that was put on by a major hospital and several SANE programs in our area.... Read More

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    Quote from Haunted
    I am currently enrolled in a Forensic course thru UC Riverside and completing the Sexual Assault Examiner portion. After my final I will complete 45 hours of clinical/non clinical internship to obtain a certificate, however the group that provides the exam is IAFN. I was lucky to speak with C.C. today who is the local regional director and is just a welath of information. I would be happy to provide her website and contact infor for anyone interested in more information. She does exams, is also an expert witness and works independantly for herself. Very inspiring to talk with her!
    Thank you, Haunted, for the kind words. You may be interested to know that UC Riverside has made me the instructor for the Sexual Assault Examiner course. I guess they thought it was best to have someone who actually works as a SANE to teach the course....what a concept!!
    I went through and revamped the course and exams to make it better. We are halfway through the January to April course and my students are happy and getting good grades. I must say that your class was the first and we have made many improvements after learning from you and your valuable feedback. I hope you would be willing to recommend the course, now.
    I am very happy that you have found a great group to work with. They are one of the best!
    I understand that I will be teaching the next class, as well...(and hopefully more) so thank you, for your participation and letting me know that I helped you in some way.
    Best Regards,
    Cari SANE-A
    PS. By the way....The National Certification is given by the Forensic Nursing Certification Board. That was the first question that I took out of the final exam because all the answers were incorrect!!!!
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    I am the clinical director of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners in Mercer County WV. We currently have 6 trained nurses that perform all of the sexual assault exams in the county except for pediatrics. The chronic pediatric exams are performed by or Medical Director with our assistance.
    Our program covers the county and we are on call 24/7. Our program has been very successful in our county and we serve the surrounding counties as well.
    I feel that if a trained person comes in outside of the working ER staff, you have the time to give to the patient, dont have to be rushed and do a much more thorough job. Plus having the court experience we can represent the evidence collected.
    I am so happy to hear that we have so many SANE nurses out there doing a great service to the public. :spin:
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    How did you go about finding the course? I have been looking for one in Arizona and have been running into dead ends. Any suggestions?
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    I have been a SANE for a couple years. The week of training was so informative. The SART program here is a joint venture with the hospital, sheriff's department, and the local woman's shelter participating. We meet once every two months to work out issues. Some SANE's are hospital employees but most are not. If we work for the hospital in an area besides the ER, we do NOT do sexual assault exams while on the clock. When we do the exams, we send a letter the the sheriff with the case number and the sheriff's department sends the nurse $200 for her time/expertise.
    The woman's shelter always sends an Advocate to the exam. The Advocate is usually with the patient by the time the nurse arrives. The Advocate is not a nurse but has much of the same training. She does most of the counseling and supplies the patient with follow up info, helps the nurse collect information and communicates between the SANE and the ER staff since the SANE can't leave the evidence. She is great to have around and is a hge help to the patient and nurse. Having an advocate helps the nurse be able to stay more focused on collecting the evidence, etc. This team work has been fairly successful and the ER is always so happy to see us!
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    Quote from Sam923
    How did you go about finding the course? I have been looking for one in Arizona and have been running into dead ends. Any suggestions?
    You can find it on the UC Riverside Extension. Look for the sexual assault examiner course.

    I found out that I will not be teaching the next class but the next two after that.
    Good luck.
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    i do have to say that when i was sexually abused last decemeber, my nurse was by far one of the best people i have ever met. she was so great that she changed what i wanted to do with my life, and i am now looking into forensic nursing myself.
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    hello, girl911 and welcome to and the forensic nursing forum

    we are so glad that you joined the site.

    i cannot imagine what you've been through. how wonderful that you had a competent and caring forensic nurse to care for you during this very trying time.

    looks like you have made up your mind to pursue this in the future after your hs graduation. please come back and let us know about what you decide in the field of forensics.

    enjoy the site here at allnurses.
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    Quote from TennNurse
    This is an area of nursing in which I've had a strong interest for some time. I live in a small town between Memphis and Nashville that does not have SANE. What would be the best way to find a training program? Are there any minimal requirements as far as education and/or years of experience? I'm at a point in my life at which I have the time and financial stability to pursue this, and any information would be appreciated.
    The wheels are being put in motion to establish a "safe place" clinic however right now it's just 2 RN's with limited contacts but lot's of experience. Stay tuned.
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    I did my training to become a SANE in March 09, I have found my niche in nursing I believe! I am so excited to be able to help someone in there time of need. I have been a nurse since 1994 and have done a full gamet of nursing roles, I feel if youdon't think being a SANE is for you don't do it. It is a certain area that will be fast for burn out if you aren't ready for it. Just my opinion but my belief is do only what makes you happy and makes you feel good that is the only way we can help others!!
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    Quote from Haunted
    The wheels are being put in motion to establish a "safe place" clinic however right now it's just 2 RN's with limited contacts but lot's of experience. Stay tuned.

    Go to the IAFN website and look for a program near you they may be able to help you get a program in your area started

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