SANE pay. Time and a half or per case

  1. Hi I am trying to get an idea of what SANE nurses get paid? I'm starting a program at my hospital and am trying to negotiate a pay per case. Thanks!
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  3. by   mmak
    I know it varies on hospital or organization you work for. At the ED I work at, if a SANE case comes in while I'm on shift, I don't get any extra pay. If I get called in to do a SANE case, I clock time and a half.
    Some organizations in the PNW where I work contract with hospitals for SANE exams, and those SANEs get paid a flat rate of anywhere between 300-600/case.
  4. by   Ocelot
    We receive $1.00 an hour added to our base pay, classified as skill pay. When we clock in for a case, we are paid time and a half.

    Hope this helps!!!!