How much do forensic nurses make? How much do forensic nurses make? | allnurses

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How much do forensic nurses make?

  1. 0 hey everyone i have would like to know the average salary of a forensic nurse?
    also, if anyone can tell me how much they actually deal with crime scenes, the body, ect.
    almost every thing i have read it usually leads up to rape victims being the bulk of cases.
    thank you everyone
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    hello, jupiter crash,

    check out these threads regarding the role of the forensic nurse:

    how do i become a forensic nurse/role of the forensic nurse

    forensic nursing - is it for you?

    as for salaries, greatly depends upon the area you wish to reside. salaries normally start around $35/hr. in my area.
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    Thank You for your help, If I plan to go into this field I would probably end up working in New York.
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    A lot of it depends on the area. Since most programs are hospital based, some offer an on call rate + call time. Other places just pay a flat rate per case of anywhere from $75-300.

    But your statement is true. Most Forensic nursing is SANE based, and not death investigation. Since death investigation is mostly a local issue (each county, not state level) it depends on if the local coroner or medical examiner will even work with a CFN.
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    Jupitercrash, I am an OB/GYN nurse who is also a SANE in New York's Capital Region. We do not receive pay for being on call but are compensated at $250per case. To my knowledge, forensic nurses in this area are used in the SANE/SAFE capacities only. The NYS Police has a top-notch forensic unit as well as the state crime lab (where our SA kits are sent for processing), so other types of forensic investigations are primarily handled by them- if not by local authorities.

    Hope this is useful!
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    Forensic nursing sounds interesting!!! I want also to be like that!!!But I think Philippines is out of forensic nursing,,so I'll try to finish my studies here and plan to go to the US to pursue my ambition - to become a forensic nursing!!!I've watched CSI:Miami and it was the first reason why I got so much interested in forensic nursing!!!.,,Good luck to those people who are willing to involve themselves to forensic nursing,,strive on it!!It is indeed a one of a kind and very much interesting field of nursing!!!.Godbless.
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    I didn't know there is such thing as forensic nursing! Wow! I like the sound of that! But I dont think I can be one because I'm really scared of dead body....