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this thread is to help educate those interested in becoming a forensic nurse as well as help define the role of the forensic nurse. there are programs that prepare the rn as a masters prepared forensic specialist. there are... Read More

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    I worked in the forensic unit at the state hospital. Loved it. Very very interesting unit. I would love to stay in psych nursing, but moved out of state. Pay was a lot lower.
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    If I had a forensics degree, can i go on to become a forensic nurse??? What do I do??
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    Hi, this is for 'cari4n6'.
    I am currently an LPN Student @ Arkansas State MH and am trying to find out more information on Forensic Nursing.
    My Career Goals Thus Far have been to finish my LPN, take Criminology Courses and Child Growth & Development Courses, then get my RN and work towards being a Pediatric Forensic Nurse. Yet, recently after considerable talking with businesses, and police depts in my area, i have yet to find anyone who would even hire one. other than the county coroner, and i want to help the victims before they become... well.. dead victims. im simply hoping you can help me figure things out. or if anything, point me in the right direction.

    any assistance would be quite appreciated.
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    Horrible if you're in Tucson. Been wanting to do Forensic Nursing for many years but there are no jobs here.
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    Quote from EsMo18
    Horrible if you're in Tucson. Been wanting to do Forensic Nursing for many years but there are no jobs here.
    Are you educated as a Forensic Nurse, EsM18?

    Have you tried presenting the need for a nurse (SANE/SAFE specialist especially) to the hospital where you are employed? How about some of the law enforcement agencies? The need is there. You should write up a presentation about the need for this specialty area in your city. You never know who will support your idea. Especially if you present this to some of the clubs/organizations in your city. A support person is desperately needed in this area.

    Please read the new Article I just wrote on Forensic Nursing. You might be able to utilize some of what I reviewed in this Article to help your city understand the importance of Forensics.

    And, I hope you can get others to listen to just how important these nurses are needed.