Forensic Nursing

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    I am an LVN in Texas and am trying to find out if I have to have my RN before I can go into foresic nursing. Does anyone know, or know where to go to find out.

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    I am not sure if it is a state to state thing, but here in WV lpn's can become certified on forensic nursing and etc
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    I know that there is a Master's of Science in Forensics with a forensic nsg option at the University of Central OK. All you have to have is your BSN and qualify to take boards.
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    I also live in TX and am a LVN. I work on a Forensic Psychiatric unit and really enjoy my job. I have worked LTC and Med/Surg in the past, but this has been my favorite nursing job so far.
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    originally posted by karalea
    i also live in tx and am a lvn. i work on a forensic psychiatric unit and really enjoy my job. i have worked ltc and med/surg in the past, but this has been my favorite nursing job so far.
    you might've discovered by now that few people come to this forum...but....

    i would be very interested to hear about your you found it, what, if any, certifications you had to acquire, what your day is like (duties, etc..), if you know - how your pay compares to equally trained nurse in other fields - e.g. med-surg, psych, etc...

    i want to major in forensic nursing for my graduate degree but would love to start know more about it before then (i have 2 years to get outta bsn school)

    thanks for any input you might provide!!!
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    Sorry, just found your reply...I just happened to apply at the local State Psychiatric Hospital when they were hiring. I love it so far. Mostly I give medication and do treatments like in LTC or Med/Surg, but I also work with talking to the patients and A LOT of med ed. I don't have any special certifications, but would be interested in getting some in the future if I could find any programs close by here. I already have a 1 1/4 hr drive each way for work, much less school.
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    Guys there is a really great website with tons of links and info: International Association of Forensic Nurses. Put that in any search engine and the site will pop right up.

    Excellent definitions of forensic nursing with either the dead or living as your patients. Educational information etc. Good information on SANE cert both A and P. (My area of interest.)

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