Wait List for Valencia Community College?

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    Does anyone know exactly how long the wait list is for Valencia Community College??? I know they accept 120 students in the fall and spring and 80 students in the summer....I was thinking of applying there when I finish my pre-reqs and since they accept 320 students a year, I would think my chances would be good, do you???

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    I attend VCC now and I had to wait out two semesters before I start the nursing program. I applied at the end of the summer semester last year and I won't be starting until May. From what I have heard the wait used to be alot longer, and I think that is because you only need a 2.5 gpa to get accepted.
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    That's great!!! Congratulations!!!!

    What was your GPA if you don't mind me asking???
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    Thanks! It was a 3.25, the science courses really took a toll on my gpa. AP1 was okay but AP2 really kicked my butt . I loved micro though, professor Locasio rocks ! Good Luck with your studies :typing future nurse.
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    I know you are so excited to be starting soon!!! I can't wait to feel that excitement for myself....Good luck, I know you will do great!!!
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    I turned in my application this past Wednesday, and they are currently admitting for January.

    When I went to the info session in mid-January, they still had 23 spots for the Fall at that time. I had checked again about 3 weeks ago, and they already had 19 for January. I didn't get a chance to ask what number I was when I turned in my application, but I was told it was for January. Make sure you take the NET so all you have to do is turn in your application once grades post at the end of the semester.
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    Wow!!! Good luck to you!!!!! I wish you the best and I know you will be starting in January....You go girl!!!
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    hey, future vcc ns here (hopefully), did any of you apply to different schools? i only started to think about this recently due to the horror stories about the wait list. i've been attending vcc and have lived right down the street for almost 2yrs working on my pre's. i really wanna do ns there.

    congrats to the accepted and good luck to us on our way!
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    I also applied to UCF for their ABSN program and I'm currently on the wait list.

    What is your favorite hospital?
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    Quote from flygirl117
    I also applied to UCF for their ABSN program and I'm currently on the wait list.

    What is your favorite hospital?
    ]My favorite hospital is Dr. P. Phillips. It's my community's hospital and I've grown to love it! It has a close-nit feeling and everyone there is so nice and friendly.

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