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Hello! Just starting a thread for all of us accepted into the Spring 2013 class to get aquainted and keep each other informed on what's to come! I will be enjoying my freedom for another few months!... Read More

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    If anyone has questions hit me up just finished Nursing I u will love it !! Don't stress!!
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    Information for anyone enrolling in Osceola Campus for Nursing 1, you can order the labkits in the bookstore. I ordered mine today. They don't have the textbooks yet I was told that it will be arriving in the first week of January.
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    Does anyone know if the lab kits are covered by financial aid? And can we order them now ?
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    Hey Guys! Just so everyone knows... as of about 9:30am this morning, the book list is posted on the Valencia Bookstore for the Osceola Campus but only the sections shows up for the West Campus, so i would assume both will be posted today =)
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    mzladii I just ordered my lab kit today using FAFSA. Today the 11th of Dec. is the first day you can use FAFSA on Spring Semester items. No books yet, they got the book order in late and it looks like we(west campus nursing students) will have to wait till Jan 2nd when they get back from winter break.
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    If anyone is interested Barnes and Noble is selling our Fundamentals of Nursing Textbook with the Study guide for only $115 and according to the bookstore website, purchasing both of these new from Valencia would be $119 for the book and $30 for the study guide!

    Fundamentals of Nursing - Text and Study Guide Package, (032308690X), Patricia A. Potter, Textbooks - Barnes & Noble
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    Ok thanks Greengal1 and regarding the shoes for community of its I think we can wear brown because in the pictures on the website the girl is wearing brown shoes
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    Hey guys: I don't know if somebody have the same problem, but I always have financial aid. Valencia send me a letter Thursday December 6, telling me that this spring 2013 I'm not approved for financial aid because I have more than 150% of credits hours. I fill out the Pell grant on October and now Valencia is telling me that I'm not going to have financial aid. I went to west campus to do an appeal form because Osceola Campus didn't help me. They told me that I'm going to receive a decision letter in about three weeks. I'm really mad because they wait until last moment to tell me that. I guess that this Friday December 14, they are going to kick me from the Nursing I. Then, I can not register again for that class because I have to call West campus to them put me in the class again until I paid for the semester. That's mean if I don't have the money to pay they are going to kick me every single day. Please check if they send you a letter telling you that you have until December 14 to pay the class. I hope I have good luck with this.
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    I had the same problem sexyece but I didn't get no letter or email. I had to go to the answer center to find out myself and of course I had a week to make payment. However I got approved in 2 days. They r going to tell you that u need a health science advisor to sign ur educational plan. Check the status online to make sure it doesn't say incomplete
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    Quote from mzladii
    Ok thanks Greengal1 and regarding the shoes for community of its I think we can wear brown because in the pictures on the website the girl is wearing brown shoes
    It's white shoes only.
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    Thanks mattborlando. I was wondering who did you have for Nursing One? What was the most challenging part of the semester? Thanks in advance
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    Sexyeve: as long as you are in the middle of your program or at least started, you should have no problems getting that appeal approved. They rather approve you and have you finish so you can get a job and pay for loans and stuff than not. Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone. I'm still waiting for my approval. The only thing is that they told me that I have to wait 3 weeks for the answer. Mzladii, I hope I have a good luck and I receive my approval letter this week. I'm going to let you know. Thanks!

    Mom2banurse: Is true what you are saying. Before I started my A.A. classes they let me do an appeal form for those credits hours. Thank you for the info!