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Hi, I just got accepted into Valencia's nursing program. I would love to hear from students who are either in the nursing program or graduates of the program at Valencia as to how you liked it. How... Read More

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    I won't be going to VCC anymore. I was accepted into UCF's BSN program. I wish you all well. Good luck in the program!
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    Hi I am also starting at Valencia but not until the fall. I am trying to figure out what books I'm going to need and what immunizations as well. Do you think you could email me any literature they gave you at orientation? Its so hard to find any info. out and I'm starting to get nervous!!! Thanks!
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    hey i just emailed you the orientation packet to your AOL email listed =]
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    Hey!!! I am starting the concurrent program this fall which I am very excited about!! if it was not of an inconvenience, is it possible for you to email me that package also? I want to have as much information beforehand. Thank you in advance...and good luck to all. My email is
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    Quote from IWantBobatea
    You have to compete with other applicants to get into the program for SCC.
    Pro: don't have to wait like VCC
    Cons: decent competition from what I heard. There is a chance you might not get in

    You Don't compete with other applicants to get into the VCC nursing program, you just need to fulfill the minimum requirements.
    Pros: you don't need a high GPA or TEAS score to get into the program
    Cons: 1 year or more waiting times

    hope this info help u guys
    Does anyone know if the waitlist for the Advance Track (LPN-RN) is as long as the one mentioned above? I have a few more pre-reqs to finish up but am hoping to transition in without too long of a wait. I don't mind a short wait, but don't want to wait over a year!
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    Advance track is different, I don't think there is a waiting time for that. You just compete with other applicants to get into the program.
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    Hi vccorscc,

    Is it possible that you could send me the orientation package too. I start on the spring but it's always better to know the information early.

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    Yes, if you get the info packet, can you email me it to me as well?
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    hey everyone, i fowarded the orientation email packet out to everyone who has requested it, about 4 or 5 of you. if i missed you please let me know and il foward it out to you as well :]
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    you are awesome-thank you!
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    your very welcome. please keep in mind that things DO change semester to semester. but overall its mostly the the shots and the backround tests. CPR certification needs to renewed yearly. DO NOT start your backround check, your term will get a different code from what is mentioned in the packet. But cost wise, im sure it will be the same. So you guys can kinda get an idea how much your going to need come your time :] ahhhhhhhhhhh i start in less than a month, getting excited now
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    Thanks Vccorscc for the info. Good luck and wish you the best
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    Hello vccorscc,

    I will be starting the nursing program in Spring next year and I was wondering if you could be able to send me an email to with the copy of the orientation packet as well. I want to see how the program works Thank you so much for your help.
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