Valencia College Spring 2012

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    One more semester to wait and we'll finally start the nursing program! Who is in for Spring 2012?

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    im currently in the nursing program. ENJOY your free time while you have it lol
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    I can't wait to start the nursing program too.
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    Have you guys received your deadline packet yet? (CPR certification, background check, immunizations, etc.) only a few months away!
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    Just received yesterday! It looks easy to follow so far .
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    Where you guys going to get your immunizations? You guys getting the Hep shot?
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    I got my vaccines at Centra Care yesterday. It took about 2 hours (physical + vaccines) and they give you the Valencia student discount. Just make sure to print the page with the prices because they don't have them at hand. They told me that I should have brought a form from Valencia, but thankfully, the page said that I only needed to show my student ID. Also, make sure they don't charge you for a vaccination fee. They wanted me to pay like $50 extra in fees but I told them that the page doesn't say that we have to pay anything else besides the vaccines. So, they fixed for me. To answer your question, I decided to get the Hepatitis shot because I wouldn't want to get sick in order to save some $$$.
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    I was going to start in summer 2012, but got an email saying if I want to start early, so spring 2012 here I come. Best news ever!!! Can wait to start
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    yeah, I got the good news today, looks like I will be starting with you guys this spring.
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    congrat Femlatina and nurg288, see u guys in orientation.

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