USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2011

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    i was surprised to see that no one had started a thread for usf's absn for fall 2011, so i started one. it would be nice to get to know some of my potential classmates. anyone want to share your background and your stats?

    it would also be appreciated if current usf students could share their experiences with the program. i'm particularly interested in how clinical sites are determined and any advice on choosing them. i want to pursue a job in the cardiac icu after graduation.

    best of luck to everyone!

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    I guess we should start getting the buzz from say tomorrow. The admission decision process would be more holistic this time around I think. some of us have very minimal health experience, I just pray we receive good news.
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    even without much healthcare experience, the greatest weight to the application is given to the grades earned in a&p i/ii, microbiology, and statistics. i have a feeling that the writing sample is important. i considered it as my opportunity to sell my past accomplishments, professionally and academically, and to convince the adcom that i would succeed in the program.

    i bet this is the week we'll receive the news. iím feeling anxious!
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    Has anybody received any news or letter, this waitin is killin me. I don't seem to know how to not worry about it.
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    Hello, I am currently in the absn program and was accepted last fall. I would suggest you read the huge threads from last year. I know how you guys feel, this was me a year ago and now I will graduate this fall... unbelievable. Feel free to private message of needed.

    Writing sample is important.
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    Thanks, CNA SAM... and congrats on being close to finishing the program. The waiting is tough. I was hoping to hear something before the holiday.

    Can you tell us how the clinical sites are determined. Are we able to request a specific rotation, like ICU? Are there any advantages to chosing one site over another?
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    The waiting is almost over. On Match Day on the 28th every clinical site will present to recruit you. In Med Surg II is it part of clinical to be in ICU at least once, no matter where you are. If ICU in your interest, in preceptorship they give us the option of doing it in ICU.

    As far as advantage of sites.. every site has some. It depends on you. Im so shocked there is not more applicants on here!
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    Can someone tell me what is going on at USF. This waiting game is getting out of hand. I presume their new admission decision measures is getting the best of them already.Or how does the student even get to prepare knowing fall is just at the corner.
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    Hey guys, I learnt from the school that we should hear by the end of this week. Hope its good news. cannot wait.
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    Thanks for the update. It's crazy that they tell us 5-6 weeks before the start of the program and less than 2 weeks before orientation. At least we'll know this week. I hear that they have between 500-800 applications for 24-36 seats. I'm still amazed that you and I are the only people on this forum for fall.

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