UNF Accelerated BSN Summer 2013

  1. The deadline to apply for UNF's Accelerated BSN program beginning Spring 2013 will be here before we know it (January 15, 2013), which is why I wanted to go ahead and start this topic now. Many of us are taking the TEAS V soon (if we have not already) and finishing up prerequisites (if needed), so I am sure we all have some questions or information to share with each other.
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  3. by   kristinhope
    I do have a question to start this topic off. How exactly is the interview scored?
  4. by   Gradius
    I don't know the answer to your Interview score question Kristin but I will still say hello to you and anyone who joins this thread.

    A little about me, my prereqs have been done as of May 2012; prereq GPA is pretty high but:

    TEAS for the first time for me in early December which I'm slightly worried about.

    I will be happy to share any further info; looking forward to getting to know you and others on this thread as it grows.

  5. by   skittle98
    UNF does not/will not disclose any information about the interview scoring methodology, however you can find information here and here about how the interview factors into your overall score. Both links are PDFs from the UNF website, you will find the answers to most of your questions there.
  6. by   rdkarst
    I just applied to the accelerated program for 2013. I finish my last class in the spring, so the spring semester is going to be stressful for me. Good luck with everything! Hopefully we will get in.
  7. by   mom2aanda
    Hi Everyone,

    I just finished applying for accelerated track for summer 2013. All prereqs done, TEAS done, now the long wait!! Good luck to everyone.
  8. by   m1zzy
    What's everyone's stats?
  9. by   Mindylane
    Hey everyone. Good luck to you all.

    I applied as well.

    Had a 3.6 undergrad GPA but only a 3.2 on the prereqs, although I have one in progress now and I will be getting an A, so that'll bring it up a bit. I've worked full time while taking them and fortunately have some experience in healthcare, so I am hoping that will help me out.

    My TEAS percentile was 87%, but I ran out of time on the math section which brought my score down a lot. I scored above 90 in all of the other sections, so I'm going to retake it in two weeks.

    To where else have you all applied?
  10. by   sunbaby0811
    I thought you could only take the TEAS once?!
  11. by   ucf_studentnurse14
    Hi everyone! I'm finishing up my last 2 prereqs (micro and nutrition), and if all goes well with them I should have around a 3.9 prereq GPA. I have an overall GPA of 3.23 from University of Florida, but I took all the nursing prereqs after I graduated, so I'm not sure if they recalculate overall GPA with post-baccalaureate grades? I haven't taken the TEAS yet, but I read on the UNF site that they will only take your first attempt TEAS score if you take it more than once during the testing window for this application period (Sept 1 to Jan 15) so I'm just going to study as much as possible and take it in early January and just hope I can score high enough! Nice to meet you all and good luck!
  12. by   Gradius
    3.85 prereq
    3.4? cum

    No TEAS yet, scheduled for 12/21 for the first time.

    UNF is my #2, UCF is my #1 actually, because I live in Orlando presently. But honestly I'll be happy to get accepted anywhere I think.
    USF is my #3, but theirs is 69 credits (huh? why?) compared to UNF's 51, so USF is really a "we'll see" for me.
  13. by   HopefulSRNA1234
    Hi everyone! I can't believe how quickly this is approaching! I'm just waiting to take my TEAS on January 5th and I'll be all set to apply. Has anyone else taken it yet? How did everyone do? I'm super nervous and just want applications to be over so we can all sit here in agony as we wait to hear back!
  14. by   juliesnow
    Hi everyone - I am applying to the regular program for summer 2013. I took my TEAS yesterday [and I am taking the NAT tomorrow for FSCJ, but they are not my first choice]. I cannot seem to stop myself from pouring over all the UNF blogs on this site. Just trying to figure out how competitive I am. I've seen postings from folks with lower scores than mine get the nod, and some folks with higher scores get rejected. So it seems once the pre-reqs and TEAS is over (assuming you've gotten an invite for an interview) then the interview is the make it or break it event. Good luck to all of you getting ready to take the TEAS V - study, study, study.