UF Accelerated BSN, Summer 2018 - page 28

Hi all! It's pretty early on but I'd love to meet and chat with the potential applicants for this program. I also think it'd be great to have this forum in case we stumble upon application... Read More

  1. by   acroso93
    Ohh well that is good to know!

    I love how we are all investigators!
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  2. by   Ashleyderr24
    Hi everyone!!
    i found out that UF will be making decisions end of this month!
    good luck!!
  3. by   acroso93
    Hey! We all found out that it could have possibly been yesterday, and now it could be any day until the end of the month! Welcome to the struggle of waiting.

    Thanks for the info!
  4. by   Ashleyderr24
    Hi congrats! how did you find yourself to get around the letter of rejection??
  5. by   gskpriya96
    I'm just wondering how many emails they sent out for the personality assessment thing.
  6. by   Ashleyderr24
    almost 300 in the thread i was in, im hoping it was the only email thread...
  7. by   gskpriya96
    The first time I got the email I think I saw 283 and then in the reminder one I saw 275 I think
  8. by   Ashleyderr24
    yea makes sense, and imagine after the personality test the # probably decreased even more..
  9. by   vstock321
    Good luck to everyone! I am so nervous to find out about the decisions.