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    I also need to have my hs transcript sent and ap scores sent which may delay it even more

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    And can't you track if they received transcripts through Isis?
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    Why are u sending your high school transcripts?? Also yea I should be able to do that but they haven't changed the page in order for me to able to view that type of information its been on the same page since the day I applied for admission.
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    As part of applying. I'd rather be safe and make sure they have it. Other schools I'm applying to need it so I might as well send it there too. It doesn't cost anything for me anyways.
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    Yea I was thinking about that also but was like naww especially since everything is costing me money including my high school transcript but I am going to send my ap scores which I forgot about till you mentioned it, but How is it that your sending it for free??
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    They send it electronically and I graduated hs in June. And I also need to send my ap scores too.
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    I also forgot to mention they only charge for the paper transcripts so that's why they're free
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    man u def took advantage of your high school time if you just finish high school and are now applying to the nursing program. And my high school charges either way unfortunately and I was looking on the college-board website and I think I have to call in order to send my ap scores cuz u can't do it online. Which leads me to asking how are you going to send them?
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    The ap scores? I think they only mail those but they have to be directly sent from college board. And I think the only way to send them is by calling and ordering that way. There isn't a way to do it online.
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    Guess i'll do that later on today hopefully it doesn't cost me too much

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