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    Hey guys! I'm currently at UF (Go Gators!) and applying! But, like everyone else, I'm super nervous about getting in! I love Gainesville and I really hope I get the opportunity to be apart of their wonderful program. I've talked to a bunch of current nursing students and they tell everyone that the chances are slim, but of course it's so worth it! I'm also applying to UCF, FSU, USF and UNF.

    Hope we all get in together! And can't wait to hear from you guys!

    ~Brittany Yates

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    Hi Brittany!

    Here's hoping we all get in together! I've heard nothing but great things from the Nursing program at UF. I'm considering becoming a Nurse Practitioner and am very interested in their Family Health/Educator track.


    Vanessa Z
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    I would really like to do pediatrics, but I haven't had the opportunity to explore other areas so I'm not entirely sure. I'm considering going to grad school and will make that decision when the time comes. What about you?
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    I was set on ER for the longest time, then OB, ICU and peds. But I've been recently looking more into school nursing but I've been changing my mind so much I think being exposed to clinicals in school will solidify where I want to be. I wanted to be an NP but I'm also considering moving up the clinical ladder and working towards becoming a nurse manager. Only time will tell what happens lol
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    I definitely think clinicals will solidify where we feel most comfortable (well hopefully they will!) It sounds like you have a great game plan so far. Where are you transferring from?
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    Valencia in Orlando
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    Hi everyone! I'm currently in the UF BSN program and graduate in May. It's a fantastic program with amazing professors and excellent clinical sites. I know that transferring into the program is difficult, and like someone said before, they tend to take UF undergrads first. Don't let that deter you! If you don't get in though you should look into UF's accelerated BSN program for students who already have a bachelor's degree in another field. The accelerated students finish the program in four consecutive semesters including summers, and they really add a different dimension and perspective to classes. The first two semesters of the generic (traditional) program that I am in, we had class with the accelerated students and it was great! There were students with degrees from varying majors like spanish, business, education, etc. Just wanted to make you guys aware of that option!

    Anyway, good luck with everything! I believe you should find out by March if you got into UF but not until June or even July for the CON... I don't think we got our letters until July and by that point everyone was rather antsy. I don't know that much about transferring but if you have any questions about the program please don't hesitate to ask

    Go gators!
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    Hey gatornurse2013, how difficult are the classes? And what does your schedule look like with lectures, labs and clinicals?
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    July?! Oh boy I may go crazy! Thanks for all the info though, I appreciate it! It's always nice to hear from people who went through this process
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    As far as the classes, it's tough to get into the program but once you're in, they want to keep you! That said, I was nearly a straight A student coming into the UF CON but I soon learned to accept and be happy with B's. Sometimes I'm working hard for B's but I do feel extremely prepared for the NCLEX. C=RN after all! I cannot speak highly enough of our professors. They are some of the kindest, most supportive, knowledgeable people in the whole university, in my opinion. I've had clinical experiences at Shands, the VA, and North Florida Regional Medical Center and I've been impressed by all of them, though Shands is my favorite.

    Schedule wise- the first two semesters were very busy. We had lab once a week, 8 hours of clinical once a week, and classes the other 3 days. We also had community clinicals where we had to go volunteer in a community location once a week, usually the day of our lab. The 3rd semester (the one that I'm finishing up now) hasn't been as bad. We had classes Mondays and Tuesdays, Community clinical Wednesdays, hospital clinical Thursdays, and actually had a day off Friday! And the 3rd semester your only community activity is helping with the Flumist vaccination program in Alachua County, and that's pretty much over by early November.

    For next semester, the first half is three days of class per week and two 8 hour clinical days. and the second half of the semester is just "transition to professional practice" where we get assigned a preceptor and have 7 weeks to complete 225 hours with them.
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