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I am a prenursing student attending UCF Orlando Campus. I am applying this summer to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Campuses to start Spring 2013! Eeek! I know there have been other forums regarding... Read More

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    Am I the only one waiting for an email? lol
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    I'm waiting too! >_<
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    Hi can all you who were accepted tell me your overall grade point, prereq grade point and TEAS score so I know what to shoot for?
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    Sure. I got my email around 4pm. My GPA was 3.81, prereqs was 3.87 and teas was a little low according to ALTON at 84. I also have an AA degree which they told was a bonus, as opposed to just having pre reqs completed. I guess that makes you more "well-rounded" lol.
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    Overall: 3.88
    Prereq: 3.85
    TEAS: 92
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    I believe most of us posted that info at the begining of this forum. I also have an AA transfer degree and also completed foreign language requirement before applying. My TEAS score was 84% gpa overall 3.57 i think the prereq gpa was slightly higher 3.63 and well i guess my interview went great. Again those who did not get in, never give up...keep trying...I've been at this for 4 years.
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    well I'll see you all at orientation and keep checking here for all our check list stuff we will be getting soon... don't party to hard ***doing gangnam style dance*** lol
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    No email received on my end yet. But I kind of expected it. I didn't receive an email for my interview either..lol I think they keep sending my emails to another person with my name. I tried correcting the problem countless times, but oh well. I'm just going to contact them Monday morning. Congrats to everyone already accepted!!! Super excited for y'all!
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    still waiting for an email
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    Still waiting too! I didnt receive my email last time till 10pm,,,,,,i hope that doest happen again! the anticipation sucks! lol
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    I got into Daytona! Congratulations to everyone who got in to both campuses! And if you're still waiting on your email, good luck!
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    Overall hpa: 3.89Science gpa: 4.00Pre-req gpa: 3.75 Teas: 85I also had my AA degree when I applied. Hope that helps!
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    Hi Everyone!

    I got into the Cocoa program as well and I'm sooo excited to find out who i'll be spending the next 2 years with! lol . I started a facebook group for the Cocoa crew so we can start getting to know eachother. Just search it by typing in UCF Cocoa Nursing 2014