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I am a prenursing student attending UCF Orlando Campus. I am applying this summer to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Campuses to start Spring 2013! Eeek! I know there have been other forums regarding... Read More

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    Did anyone else get two email invitations?
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    Yeah I got one from "Alton Austin" and then a second letter from "UCF Nursing" I received one at 9:30pm and the other at 1:30am. I'm guessing their systems were acting crazy with all te emails. I got a email this morning saying not to worry about the immunization
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    I just received an email from the College of Nursing saying not to do the immunization forms. It said that it will only be done once you are offered a seat in the school.
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    Okay..background check is done, fingerprints this afternoon, made appt for interview. Now it's all riding on what happens on the 30th! No pressure...lol

    Like many of you, I also got 2 interview emails. One was from UCFNurse and the oher was from Alton. Does anyone know if Alton is the nursing advisor for boh Cocoa and Daytona or just Cocoa?
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    I made my appointment this morning (I'll be seeing some of you at the 1:30 time slot!), but I called back because I wanted to get a feel for the interview process since they're expecting everyone to pay 100$ for the background check to even interview. I read on here that the information session said an interview means you are provisionally accepted, but I just wanted to make sure that I am not spending 100$ for a 50/50 chance. I was especially nervous after the immunization e-mail was sent out this morning which made sound like we were still being narrowed down a lot. The lady on the phone was actually kind of rude and would not share any details about where the interviewees stand. The only thing she semi-confirmed was that it would be about 100 people between the two campuses interviewing, and I think she said 37 seats for each campus. So, I am guessing that they really do have to narrowed down fairly well. I keep telling myself that since there are only 6 interview time slots and the max amount of people in a group was said to be six that they pretty much have picked who they want.
    Has anyone else tried asking them questions about where we stand? I think it is fair to ask if they are expecting everyone to have a background check done, but the lady seemed less than willing to tell me anything. I guess they want to keep a bit of mystery about it so we don't walk in like we already have the spot.
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    This is just guesswork, but I don't think getting an interview means that we for sure have a spot in the program. It seems that it means that we will at least be waitlisted though. Also, if they have 50 people for each school (Daytona and Cocoa) and there are 37 spots (I thought it was 36) at each campus, your spending $100 on a 37/50 chance to get in the program and to be prepared to be called on if waitlisted, which I feel is well worth it.
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    I just called and reserved my spot for 10:30am. I can't wait, getting excited that the process is almost to an end and we'll finally know if we made it in. See you there and good luck everyone.
    P.S. For the other guys that got an interview, are you wearing a jacket too or just slacks, button-up and a tie?
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    Just received my invite to interview...better late than never I guess!
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    Quote from rd1186
    I just called and reserved my spot for 10:30am. I can't wait, getting excited that the process is almost to an end and we'll finally know if we made it in. See you there and good luck everyone.P.S. For the other guys that got an interview, are you wearing a jacket too or just slacks, button-up and a tie?
    I go at 10:30 too!
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    I called earlier an set up my time for 10:30 (Im so excited! lol), & I also asked how many people were selected to interview and was also told that its about 100 total... Which makes me feel pretty good because that means that at least 35 for each campus (70/100) will get in right off the bat, and there will 15 on the wait list per campus. Every year a large number get in off the wait list due to people getting into other schools or things of the like.....so all of our odds seem pretty amazing! Has anyone applied to both campuses with cocoa as a preference? because I was just looking at my email and it doesn't say which campus I'll be interviewing for... so are we just not gonna know until after the final decisions are made?
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    Oh yeah, I totally forgot to say last time I was on that Merritt Island has some really good apartments for pretty cheap as well, for those of you looking to move here. If you havent been here before Merritt Island is between Cocoa and Cocoa Beach and only 15-20 mins from the school, and theres a mall and there and its closer to the beach good luck on your interviews everyone!
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    i will most likely be wearing a jacket lol. gotta look pro-fresh!!
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    I'll be there at 9:30 am. Getting the background check done now. I also applied to both with a preference to Cocoa, but I don't care which one at this point. Good luck to everyone!