UCF Cocoa Beach/Daytona Spring 2013 - page 14

I am a pre-nursing student attending UCF Orlando Campus. I am applying this summer to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Campuses to start Spring 2013! Eeek! I know there have been other forums regarding... Read More

  1. by   That Girl
    Awwe...congrats to all!! I was sooo stressing for those who didn't get emails right away. My guess is that they'll have more than one person conducting interviews so that more than one group will be interviewing at any given time. I think they want to see our personalities more than anything else....how we think on our feet, how nervous we are, and how we interact under pressure.
  2. by   ybbawilliams
    GUYS I GOT IT! I'm crying of happiness. I will see you all on the 30th
  3. by   K.rochelle
    I was thinking the same thing
  4. by   ArrowRN
    I too have to work during the program, my wife dont work and i got 2 kids. I got a day job , pay is good but it does not offer a shift option, not even in medical field. I'll have to figure this out. FSCJ is the only school I found that has the night 6-10pm ASN program, so that is my backup plan..but honestly I really want to go UCF no matter what it takes, its only a 2 year sacrifice...others have done it, so can I...any other males in this thread or just me?
  5. by   ybbawilliams
    Does anyone know how many people were called in for an interview? I think just the top 36 from each campus, right?
  6. by   That Girl
    I would think that they would interview enough to fill the 36 spots at each campus plus however many people they want on the wait list.
  7. by   That Girl
    Question....anyone on here in your 30's or older?
  8. by   ery_004
    WOOO! Got an interview! See everyone on the 30th!
  9. by   kikila
    I see a lot of people got interviews! Congrats! We made it this far! Hopefully I will meet some of you on the 30th.
  10. by   ArrowRN
    Quote from That Girl
    Question....anyone on here in your 30's or older?
    yes me...what with the old 30's people? we aint that old, we are Generation X, the best generation ever! ...lol
  11. by   cnicole6
    yayyyy got my email. see you all at the interviews
  12. by   chruiz
    Got an interview!! Interviews are definitely not my strong point lol. Good luck everyone!
  13. by   britanicaa
    Found this thread a while back looking to see if anyone had received emails yet/waiting/competitive stats for this year, just now got around to posting. I got an email as well! Congrats to everyone else who did, see you guys the 30th!