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    For the basic program last year, when I applied, they said at orientation that over 700, nearly 800 people applied to the basic program, but a lot of people do get "thrown out" immediately because of their TEAS or issues with prereqs or suprisingly a lot of people fail out of the drug test after they've been accepted.
    Also, there was a maximum of 120 people in my class at the start last year...a bit less now that we are in the second semester. But, the lecture room doesn't hold more people than that, so definitely not even close to 200 people be accepted!
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    You're right Go Knights, 120 sounds correct. I made a mistake saying before that it was 200.
    So many number to come across during this process. Lol

    How is it going for you in the program?
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    Nursowiczka2b, it's been going really well so far! Obviously a ton a hard work and very time consuming, but the professors are wonderful and clinicals are the best part of each week with a variety of opportunities! I have no complaints, but I'm sure my sleep deprived, constant junk food eating body would totally disagree lol
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    How do they prepare you for NCLEX? Like do they use The ATI assessments?
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    That is not really a lot of people to be accepted. I just hope this new processes they are using really helps.
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    Getting nervous! Has anyone received a letter for interviews yet?
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    Nope. I think we will hear around the end of march or early April.
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    MamaKate, yes they have a very high percent pass rate for the NCLEX, so they definitely prepare us; however, NCLEX is raising the score required to pass this April, so the pass rate will likely lower overall in the country due to the score increase! They use NCLEX type questions in each class during regular tests to get you use to the format or typical wording of NCLEX questions (and a lot of select all that apply). Also, there are ATI tests throughout the program, each semester, for multiply classes which gauge how well you mastered the material for each class. I'm sure the review gets more intense during the last year of the program as well.
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    Thanks for your reply. I have no doubt I would be well prepared for NCLEX.

    How's everything going this semester so far?
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    I'm very very thankful for this forum! I'm applying to both accelerated and basic BSNs for this cycle. The waiting is horrible! But the nervous energy is helping me get a lot more done at work. I'm presently taking the nutrition and HIV class at UCF, so hopefully that will help out a little.
    Has anyone had mix-ups with their applications? I was emailed telling me my fingerprints and background check weren't in, but I did them in December. Then got a call saying, nevermind, my name was mixed up with two other people. Getting really nervous that something like that would keep out. Has anyone had similar experiences?

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