tuition reimbursment in the Tampa area?

  1. Are there any facilities in the Tampa, Lakeland, St Pete area that have a program for new grads... you commit to work there for so long and they help with student loan debt?
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  3. by   lescarp
    Yes my daughter is a Nurse Practitioner and they paid 50,000 of her masters loans...she has to do two years in a urban clinic but it was well worth it i let her a message and will post the name of the organization
  4. by   Wolf at the Door
    I think the poster is referring to New Grads BSN and the answer is NO!
  5. by   aachavez
    Thank you lescarp, that's exactly what I'm looking for. I did find a program that pays for your education (so much towards tuition, and then a monthly stipend to cover various living expenses) while youre still in school, as long as you commit to working at least 2 years in an underserved community. Unfortunatly, this year I did not qualify, but htere is next year.
    I'll be a new grad ASN end of next summer, am willing to relocate, but would prefer to stay in central FL.

    I know there are some facilities that hire new grads, and once comitting to working so long for them, they will pay off your student loans. I wonder if there are some facilities like that anywhere in Florida, there has to be right? I'm just a bit nervous about the debt I'll be carrying when I graduate. In the grand scheme of things, and comparatively, 20k isn't too terrible (i've heard horror stories of people with several times that amount) but the faster I can get it paid off the better!
  6. by   lescarp
    Have you checked out NHSC...I am not sure about ASN...and so you werent referring to New Grads BSN. Well the program she is in is for doctors np and pa but she told me to tell you to check the one I mention because the feds always have something going on if you are willing to work in an underserved community...Good Luck..
  7. by   Wolf at the Door
    I stand corrected.
  8. by   LegacyJS
    I believe Florida Hospital has one for ASN.