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I'm relocating to the Tampa area from PA in January. I'm a young nurse, looking to work on Med/Sug, and Ortho units. I have interviewed and visited with some hospitals in the area, including St. Pete... Read More

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    What's wrong with HCA? I've been volunteering at an HCA facility for over a year, and now just got hired as a tech ( I graduate in Sept.). My family has spent more time than we'd like here, but each time one of us has a stay everyone is great. It's close to home, and I hear pay (my pay now is already pretty good) is good so staying as an RN sounds like a pretty good plan.... so what's the problem with HCA? Why are people being warned away from it?
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    I agree with you!!! How can you generalize a company with hundreds of facilities and they are all horrible!! Its all about the experience you receive which can be negative even in the best hospitals in America!