Tallahassee Community College Spring '13 Applicants - page 3

I'm starting this thread to try and connect with anyone who may be applying for TCC's Nursing program for Spring of 2013. I just applied yesterday, and I'm nervous!... Read More

  1. by   -Katie-
    some time between now and November 7th... feels like its been a century already!
  2. by   Rx415
    I'm just ready to know either way! I hate to keep seeing an empty inbox...
  3. by   guynurse13
    I applied with a gpa of 3.1 on pre-reqs and a HESI score of 94.5 I calculate my total points at 145.5. i hope this is enough to get in! Good luck to everyone, I know how stressful waiting is.
  4. by   -Katie-
    Well I'm an alternate for the radiology program. Still hoping for nursing acceptance! :/
  5. by   From_nanny2nurse
    I got my letter. I'm an alternate.
  6. by   BowenNarrow
    I got in!!!!
  7. by   -Katie-
    I got in too! Super excited!
  8. by   From_nanny2nurse
    Congradulations you two! I still have to attend the nov. 2nd orientation as an alternate, which honestly IMHO is harder than just beging told, 'No' straight out. I'm calling next week to see where I am on the alternates list. again good luck to everyone!
  9. by   accountant2nurse
    Got in as well! Nanny2nurse, hang in there. Being on the alternates list is a step closer to acceptance than outright rejection.
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  10. by   MaryCStrick
    Got in!! WHEW!!!
  11. by   guynurse13
    Got in! What a relief! Can't wait to get started.
  12. by   From_nanny2nurse
    I'm in!! Woot woot! I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time! This week is going to be a great one, I got in today, halloween is wednesday(love), my bday is Thursday, and the orientation is Friday! Has anyone signed up for the CPR Class yet? I'm pumped to begin this journey! Lets all stay in touch.See ya Friday!
  13. by   BowenNarrow
    Congrats nanny2nurse! I already took my CPR class (last week). I'd recommend going through the AHA course as opposed to the Red Cross. $57 vs. $110 for the same certification, and I took it at the Southeastern School of Health Sciences.