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I'm starting this thread to try and connect with anyone who may be applying for TCC's Nursing program for Spring of 2013. I just applied yesterday, and I'm nervous!... Read More

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    It is crazy how difficult it is to get in and how many people are trying. It is so incredibly frustrating the friends and family that keep asking why I am not in school yet. It's hard to really explain how hard it is and time consuming just trying to get into the nursing program is! I am completely in your boat!

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    Its extremely annoying to keep getting hassled by my mother and boyfriend about why I'm not in the program. They just don't understand. Do you mind me asking how many points you have?
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    I am curious if the HESI test consists of all eight sections or just the four considered for admission. When I checked TCC’s webside, it states that the four are whats considered for points, but does not say if that is all you are tested on. I am wondering only because I hope to take the test soon , but wanted to know if I can focus more study time on just the four sections or if I need to spend some time on all eight. Can anyone who has taken the test pass the info? Thanks
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    Just study the four. I was told not to even bother taking the others. They have absolutely no bearing on admission. Also if I was to do it over again I would study only half as much as I did for the math and really study the Vocab/Grammer.
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    You can take all sections but its not recomended unless you plan on applying to a school that requires them because they will count against your score at TCC. If it's not required DON'T take it. They should tell you all this when you go to take it.
    BTW getting really nervous! Acceptance date is close! :-/
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    Does anyone know when decision emails will be sent out? The suspense is wearing my nerves out...
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    some time between now and November 7th... feels like its been a century already!
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    I'm just ready to know either way! I hate to keep seeing an empty inbox...
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    I applied with a gpa of 3.1 on pre-reqs and a HESI score of 94.5 I calculate my total points at 145.5. i hope this is enough to get in! Good luck to everyone, I know how stressful waiting is.
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    Well I'm an alternate for the radiology program. Still hoping for nursing acceptance! :/

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