SPC spring 2012 applicants!

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    I have been looking to see if there are any threads about this already so I apologize if this is a double post!

    Anyone apply for spring 2012 at St Petersburg College?

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    Hi there, I applied for the Jan. 2012 and will apply for the May 2012 bridge program at SPC. Good luck!
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    I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything yet? I applied and am just waiting. I figured I would start a thread to see if anyone has been accepted. We should start hearing news (good and bad) soon.
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    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this website! The deadline just approached for St. Pete College and PHCC's RN program. I am superrrrr nervous! I applied with a 3.77 prereq GPA to PHCC and a 3.609 prereq GPA to SPC. PHCC required the TEAS test which I got an 88 (98th percentile) in. But after reading a few other threads, I am not confident at all! I figured I can freak out on here with some other applicants as we anxiously await our future!! has anyone else applied to these schools? If so, what were your stats?? Also, anyone know when "the letter" will be sent out?? Good luck to everyone!!!
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    Hi! I also applied for admission to the Jan 2012 cohort! Fingers crossed!! Good luck!!!
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    Hi there! I also applied to the program for the Jan 2012 cohort. I know the deadline was yesterday so I'm assuming it will be a few weeks until we hear anything! Good luck and keep us posted!!
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    I just applied for the lpn program at Phcc. I didn't do great on the teas test. Only hot a 72 on it. So disappointed. The only section I scored really high on was the math. Hot a 90 on that. I found out after the study guide I had was outdated. But I didn't have time to retake the exam so I figured wth might as well try. I am currently enrolled doing the pre reqs to do the bridge program. After reading posts on here about such high teas scores I am really not expecting to make it this go round. But I know one day it will happen. Good luck to you!
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    I applied as well but my chances of getting in are slim for Spring. I have a 4.0 GPA but am taking Micro now and Statistics in the Spring, so most applicants with all their classes done and a competitive GPA will get in before me. I figured it would't hurt to try but I'm not crossing my fingers. LOL.

    I am hopeful for Fall admittance as long as I can hold on to my GPA. LOL. Good luck everyone!
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    I also applied for PHCC LPN. I received a 78 on the TEAS. I'm done with pre-req's for RN but my science score on the TEAS was not high enough to apply for RN. I really need to study for the TEAS more. Keeping my fingers crossed so maybe I can bridge across to RN. Good luck to you all!
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    When was the deadline for PHCC? I did not apply. I want to if I do not get into the SPC program. Off to check out PHCC LPN-RN program. Good luck!!

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