Role Call Galen Tampa Bay Spring 2012!

  1. Hello future Rn's!!! I am so ready for February to be here!! I did not see a thread on this, so I started one.. Anybody out there coming on this wild journey with me?

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  3. by   DowntheRiver
    I am! I started a thread on here before they redid the page and somehow it disappeared. My old username doesn't work anymore, either! I am very excited to do this! I am nervous because I have heard it is hard but I am solely dedicated to nursing school. Is your orientation January 24th, 2012?
  4. by   lalaRN2014
    awesome! same thing happened to me and i had to start new on here!

    I am super looking forward to February and have the butterflies when I actually say the words"nursing school" to someone!! It is going to be hard, but we will be okay.
    What is your background? What do you do now and are you far or close to the school?

  5. by   lalaRN2014
    oh and yes- my orientation is January 24th!!!!!! Have you gotten a hold of the schedule?? I really need to know what the classes will be like for the first quarter so I can make arrangements for my work schedule!!!
  6. by   DowntheRiver
    Have you checked for your schedule yet? As soon as I enrolled two weeks ago my schedule showed up. It is as follows:
    Monday: 8-12 A&P1, 1-3 Computers for Nursing, 1-5 A&P 1 Lab
    Tuesday: 1-3 A&P 1 Lab
    Wednesday: 8-12 English Comp 1
    Thursday: Intro to Nursing 12:30-2:30
    Friday: No class

    Monday is going to be a pretty heavy day but that's fine. I don't know if it is complete or not yet but it seems to be.

    About me:
    25 year old female. Moved here within the last year from Tallahassee (graduated FSU). Born and raised in Orlando. I'm a cancer survivor (Hodgkin Lymphoma) which peaked my interest in nursing. I'm solely interested in doing Oncology. I'm recently engaged to my boyfriend of two years and we're getting married in October 2012 - the only week long break that we get! No children, just a dog and a cat. I don't currently work. I was a nanny/mother's helper until December. We live in Tampa pretty close to Brandon so off the Crosstown I'm about a 25 minute drive as of right now. However, we're buying a house near Gunn/Linebaugh so I don't know how far that is. I'm moving in the complete opposite direction! I love to cook and bake. Oh, and plan my Halloween themed wedding.

    What about you?
  7. by   sj9983
    I'm starting the LPN program at Galen in St. Pete. Pretty excited! Do you know if there are any boards or postings for books? I would love to buy my books used, if possible.

  8. by   DowntheRiver
    You can check on campus. I remember during my tour that I saw books for sale on the bulletin board. I've gone back and forth with a few people on previous posts over Galen stuff so maybe you could start there?
  9. by   lalaRN2014
    Thanks so much for the info! Hope my sched is the same.. however I will only have to take Intro to Prof Nursing and the computer class this quarter, since I already did A&P I with lab and Eng Comp I this past year.. Which I am grateful for since I have a daughter and this light schedule will be better for us. As far as my life, I am 37 yrs old, a licensed massage/neuromuscular therapist, originally from NY, live in Valrico/Lithia area..
    Oncology huh? That is amazing, that you are a C-survivor, and will be able to relate to your patients in a much deeper way than any old healthcare provider.. amazing.. Oh and as far as your wedding.. I would love to hear about the halloween theme, since I love all things dark and weird.

  10. by   DowntheRiver
    I have to take English just because I tested out of it my freshman year. I didn't take any other nursing pre-reqs as I did not know this is what I wanted to do until recently hence why I chose Galen. I don't have time to go back to school to do pre-reqs. I need to be working as an RN yesterday! I am going to try to get a job at a Nursing home/facility/travel nurse while doing an online RN-to-BSN program after I graduate.
    So you're from NY? I'm Florida born and raised. What made you want to switch careers?
    As far as my wedding goes, we both just love Halloween. My house is always crazy decorated for the Fall. We're buying a house and I cannot wait to go all out when I don't have to worry about damaging stuff. I really want to have a haunted house in the garage this year! My colors are black, charcoal, vintage white, and either amethyst or burnt orange. Maybe I can have you opinion on the centerpieces. We're getting married at the Florida Aquarium.
  11. by   lalaRN2014
    I plan on working and doing the RN-BSN as well, I would like to start in Med Surge and then eventually work my way into Trauma, or ER.. But who knows, I may change my mind once we do Clinicals and get to work on the different floors! I always wanted to be a Doctor, but I just dont have 10 years to do it right now,so my other choice was to be an RN and eventually and ARNP.. oh and your colors sound fabulous, I did an ooohhh ahhh when I saw the amethyst part, as I am enthralled with all thinks purple... I would love to give you an opinion on your stuff! Looking forward to meeting you! Did you get any of your textbooks yet?
  12. by   DowntheRiver
    I am looking forward to meeting you as well. It would be nice if we had some other people responding on here! I have not purchased my textbooks yet. I was going to wait for orientation and then kinda go from there. I was hoping I'd see some stuff on the bulletin board or could maybe ask some other current students. I also need to wait for my financial aid to come through. What about uniforms? Have you purchased those yet?
  13. by   lalaRN2014
    no books yet, I was going to order the informatics online through amazon, I found it for 54.00 free shipping. I think I may wait until orientation as well. Just to be sure. As far as uniforms, I was told we didnt need them until second quarter, so I am going to wait it out a bit. Can't wait for some white sneakers. just kidding. lol
  14. by   DowntheRiver
    Where do you plan on doing your RN-to-BSN? I am not looking forward to the white uniforms!