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Hello future Rn's!!! I am so ready for February to be here!! I did not see a thread on this, so I started one.. Anybody out there coming on this wild journey with me? Adriana... Read More

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    Hi Marie, well I just finished qtr 2 as I had to repete A&P2 (long story, but in any case I needed to and its done and I passed finally! LOL). So far I have had a good time. I took Psyc online and it was no problem at all. I took A&P 2 theory online and it was ok, but I took it on campus the second time and feel like I took more away from it this time then I did when it was online. I transfered in a bunch of my GE's so I am done with all of them. Personally I would take GE online and the sciences and math on campus (thats just me though). I have enjoy Galen thus far. You will need your books for the first day. Especially A&P!! Good luck

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    Quote from lalaRN2014
    hey futureprice,

    yes I was there, I thought it was good, especially at the end, Mr Greco was funny and woke us up a bit.. I meant to get in touch with you through here so I could meet up with you there. Where were you sitting?

    Can anyone tell me how long the orientation is? I was told 5-8pm and I go tomorrow so I was wondering if it was really that long.

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