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has anyone enrolled in the inaugural accelerated bsn class that started january 2009? what are your impressions so far? thank you, topcat... Read More

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    Nato what was your gpa? and have u completed all ur pre-reqs

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    Hi Nato,

    Was outa town for a few days, got my package today when I got i am in!!:wink2:!! See you at the orientation in July.

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    I'm in I am so excited. I'm looking for a roomie yall.
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    Hi all,
    “Congrats” to you David and Mimsiemendez, way to go!!!!
    Mimsiemendez, I was answering your post when the good news popped out. Anyway I had an overall GPA of 3.85, and I completed all my pre-reqs initially for pharmacy school but later changed my mind for BSN program. I am very happy about my choice.
    I am very happy to see you in and I hope to hear the same good news from others. I am getting prepared with all the paperwork, and my relocation in Orlando. I will call you before the orientation day.
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    Am happy for you Mimsiemendez, hell, am happy for us all. Reach out when you can...for now I am going to commute 52 miles each way so may be looking for a crash pad on occassion....

    At any rate....our class begins to grow...we have a year together... I am sure there will be great adventure along the way. Looking forward to meeting you both!!!
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    does anyone know how far Lake Mary is from orlando
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    It is essentially a suburb of Orlando. Maybe 20-30 min from the Orlando Airport.
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    And the school is on a major interstate/freeway in the area that loops Orlando
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    Hey guys,

    Was talking to Kathi Rinker today about the enrollment contract and mentioned that it was cool that they are providing laptops. She indicated that the enrollment contract might be in error regarding the wording of that clause (she seemed shocked) and was going to get with their legal dept. Just FYI...

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    Just heard back from the school...seems I caught an error in the laptops...


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