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has anyone enrolled in the inaugural accelerated bsn class that started january 2009? what are your impressions so far? thank you, topcat... Read More

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    I have great rates for the health insurance you must have for the program. Email me and I will give you quotes. I cant wait to meet everyone. I'm excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. A hope i'm not the only one

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    Hi All,

    My...this thread has really grown. Congradulations all,there are very few school in or around Orlando that offer a direct BSN degree. Anxiety is definely expected.
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    I know craigslist can be shady sometimes but I decided to give it a go for a roommate. I'm meeting up with a couple of potential roommates who already have a place. This way is much easier and cheaper rather than paying so much for move-in fees. Most of the time the apartment/house is so well furnished you'll hardly have to buy anything! Definitely trying to save money!
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    Any comments from you guys that started in July? I am planning to apply for January 2010 so any information would be great!
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    I am not in this class but was going to be up until 3 days before classes started. Finance trouble. They let me defer my enrollment until january so I'll be right there with you. As far as the school goes it doesn't look like they play around. I went to the orientation. They gave us around 68 chapters to read in the two weeks before class was to begin! Overwhelming! Even with all that I'm sad I couldn't be apart of this cohort because everyone was so nice. Hopefully the jan class will be just as good, I'm sure.
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    Oh wow, thank you for sharing that info,I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, hopefully it works out in January.

    I was just on their website and noticed that they changed tuition from 30k to 36k in just few days? For the school that is not accredited I'm starting to think if it's worth it

    I would still like to hear from people who are in the class since it's very new and there is no NCLEX passing rates yet
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    Just to let you know the school is actually nationally accredited, just not by the CCNE quite yet. Regional accreditation will come with time, as it usually takes much longer. I know you still want to hear from someone in the class but I just want to let you know that I was in the same boat as you. I was worried out of my mind and doing research for MONTHS trying to figure out if this school was legit! It's hard taking such a big risk with a new nursing school that is not accredited by the CCNE yet. Although I'm not there, just from what I've seen and pieced together they are as legit as it gets! 108 more hours of clinics than recommended by the state board of nursing, extremely experienced professors, top notch simulation labs, let me tell you! My worries went away when I went to orientation. As far as the money goes, it is a bit expensive. I figured the cost would go up soon, but for getting out in 12 months and making that money back so quickly, it's worth it! You can still work as a nurse right out of school as long as you get an interim permit and plan on taking the NCLEX 6 months from that point. Hope I helped a little. Just do your research for yourself too. Good luck!
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    I would like to thank everyone for all the info about RCON. I am from Michigan and applying to the Jan 2010 class. I know that the program is very rigorous, but I would love more feedback from current students. If not, I would love to communicate with prospective students.:typing
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    I seem to be one of the only people on this thread now-a-days. Before the July class so many students were throwing stuff out there! You may hear from actual students, but to be honest with you it'll probably be quite a while before one of them come browsing onto this website. I don't mean to sound like miss know-it-all but I've been keeping in contact with some of the students that started this past cohort and they are so busy sometimes it'll take them days to text me back a simple answer. It looks to me as if this site is more so frequented by prospective students. Good luck on your research.
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    I'm in the July batch. The program is going okay so far. A few little bumps but all in all it seems doable. We have done all our first tests for each class. We have several left. The schedule is great they even planned the exam schedules. We have also had our dosage calculation test. No one has dropped out as of yet. Hopefully no one does. I have no doubts that they will receive that accreditation by November. Other than that we are coming along. I cant wait to be finished.

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