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Any current/past students of Rasmussen college? I'm hoping to start in January at the Tampa/Brandon location, any comments, reviews or suggestions would be helpful! THanks!... Read More

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    I heard that the science portion is very difficult and that the ATI study guide doesnt help much on that part. How did you study for it and how did you do on the actual science part of the test?
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    Congrats!!! I take the TEAS on Thursday...how was it? The chemistry scares me the most I think.
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    the ATI guide was great. There are little bits of everything on there, so if you bomb the chem questions, there's only a couple and shouldnt be a big hit. I also used Kahn Academy videos on youtube for some of the bio and chem stuff, and they were super helpful. Sparknotes is online as well. Take the practice tests and see where you need to focus. But basically, if you have a general understanding of the topics in the ATI guide, you will do well. Best of luck everyone!
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    Kahn Academy videos....great idea! Will check them out...Thanks so much!
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    Passed the teas there too last Thursday...have to meet with the dean also and then start Jan. 3rd...which happens to be my birthday
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    Congrats! I found out a couple days ago I got accepted, yay! Good Luck!
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    Congrats on your acceptance!! How difficult was the meeting/interview with the dean? Mine is this week and I'm nervous!
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    Congrats and good luck! I've met with her a few times, and she seems to be a really nice lady, and really cares about her program. Relax, I'm sure you'll do just fine! Typical interview questions, nothing bizzare or anything. Good luck, and hope to see you at orientation!
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    I was wondering, for those of you that have gone to Rasmussen in Tampa, how high did you have to score on your TEAS? I am taking my third TEAS tomrrow for Everest...I passed the English and Reading both the first time and am trying to get up a little higher on Math and Science. Keiser doesn't take the score as a whole, you need to get a certain percentage on each section before they will put you through to their prereqs. I haven't had Chemistry in ten years so I am finding the science especially difficult. It would be nice to go to a program that either A) takes the TEAS score as a whole or B) will let me start my prereqs while I try to pass the test. I love Keiser, but I'm willing to change and stop wasting money and time. How do you like Rasmussen? I have heard only good things so far!