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Hi everyone!! I probably am jumping the gun by posting this already but im to excited and just can't believe im finishing up my last semester of pre reqs for the program. I take my HESI on Feb 16th. Anyway I just wanted to... Read More

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    Yes I work as a PCT at Martin memorial hospital. So that means I'd have to drive 4 days a week down south.. Well we shall see . Thanks Again good luck to you all !!!
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    I don't even wanna guess, it makes me nervous. It would be awesome if we found on out the 25th, but I believe people still don't have points posted.
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    I dreamed 2 weeks ago with 23.42 as cut off, so I'm thinking and hope it gonna be around this number
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    That would be awesome, hope we find out tomorrow
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    I hope they post my points tomorrow! So I know where I stand
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    I really hope they post tomorrow too! I'm tired of waiting the downside to putting in your app early is the wait is that much longer
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    Ughh I know what you mean. I turned mine in way early and I hate it. Although turning it in early had its perks...points posted early and if something was wrong I would have had the chance to fix it. I would rather it be this way but it would be nice if we found out soon.
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    Well at least tomorrow begins another work week at PBSC. We're getting closer!!!
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    I hope the points post tomorrow!! I don't know if i can take much longer ! but we will find out at the end of this week hopefully good luck everyone we are almost there
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    Yes! It is also the last week of the month. Rhonda said we would know either way before the end. YAY! She better be right lol!
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